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FIFA 18 Be a Pro career
Personal information
Full name Álexis Moreira
Date of birth 12 March 1997 (age 22)
Place of birth La Paternal, Argentina
Height 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in)
Playing position Forward
Club information
Current team
Newell's Old Boys
Number 9
Youth career
2004–2017 Argentinos Juniors
Senior career*
Years Team Apps (Gls)
2017–2018 Argentinos Juniors 20 (8)
2018– Newell's Old Boys 34 (23)
* Senior club appearances and goals counted for the domestic league only and correct as of October 2019

Pages Created[edit]

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Competitions (23)[edit]

Clubs (1)[edit]

Manchester United W.F.C.

Club Seasons (40)[edit]

2014–15 Cercle Brugge K.S.V. season
2014–15 R. Charleroi S.C. season
2014–15 R.S.C. Anderlecht season
2016–17 Deportivo de La Coruña season
2016–17 FK Kukësi season
2016–17 Flamurtari Vlorë season
2016–17 KF Laçi season
2016–17 Korabi Peshkopi season
2016–17 Luftëtari Gjirokastër season
2017–18 Argentinos Juniors season
2017–18 Arsenal de Sarandí season
2017–18 Atlético Tucumán season
2017–18 Chacarita Juniors season
2017–18 Club Atlético Banfield season
2017–18 Club Atlético Belgrano season
2017–18 Club Atlético Colón season
2017–18 Defensa y Justicia season
2017–18 Estudiantes de La Plata season
2017–18 Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata season
2017–18 Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba season
2017–18 Club Atlético Huracán season
2017–18 Club Atlético Independiente season
2017–18 Club Atlético Lanús season
2017–18 Newell's Old Boys season
2017–18 Club Olimpo season
2017–18 Club Atlético Patronato season
2017–18 Racing Club de Avellaneda season
2017–18 Club Atlético River Plate season
2017–18 Rosario Central season
2017–18 San Lorenzo de Almagro season
2017–18 San Martín de San Juan season
2017–18 Talleres de Córdoba season
2017–18 Club Atlético Temperley season
2017–18 Club Atlético Tigre season
2017–18 Unión de Santa Fe season
2017–18 Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield season
2018–19 Brentford F.C. season
2018–19 Gillingham F.C. season
2018–19 Portsmouth F.C. season
2018–19 Tranmere Rovers F.C. season

Players (591)[edit]

Totals: Argentina 479 | Uruguay 21 | Zimbabwe 12 | England 11 | Paraguay 10 | Chile 7 | Colombia 6 | Spain 6 | Brazil 4 | Ghana 4 | Mexico 4 | Venezuela 3 | Scotland 2 | Tunisia 2 | United States 2 | Benin 1 | Cameroon 1 | Canada 1 | Dominican Republic 1 | Ecuador 1 | The Gambia 1 | Guatemala 1 | Iran 1 | Italy 1 | Kenya 1 | Malaysia 1 | Mali 1 | Netherlands 1 | Peru 1 | Portugal 1 | Senegal 1 | Slovenia 1 | Sweden 1

Benin Aaron Ibilola
Argentina Abel Peralta
Argentina Adrián Sporle
Argentina Agustín Alberione
Argentina Agustín Bossio
Argentina Agustín Bouzat
Argentina Agustín Fontana
Argentina Agustín Manzur
Argentina Agustín Módula
Argentina Agustín Verdugo
Argentina Alan Alegre
Argentina Alan Bonansea
Argentina Alan Robledo
Paraguay Alberto Contrera
Argentina Aldo Araujo
Argentina Alejandro Almada
Argentina Alejandro Melo
Argentina Alejandro Montiel (footballer)
Argentina Alexander Hollman
Argentina Alexis Domínguez
Argentina Alexis Mac Allister
Argentina Alexis Martín Arias
Argentina Alexis Niz
Argentina Alexis Rodríguez (footballer)
Argentina Alexis Sosa
Argentina Alexis Zárate
Netherlands Alfons Fosu-Mensah (Alfons Agbolosoo)
Senegal Aliou Badji
Argentina Andrés Lioi
Argentina Ángel González (Argentine footballer)
Venezuela Ángel González (Venezuelan footballer)
Argentina Ángelo Martino
Argentina Antonio Medina (footballer)
Argentina Arián Pucheta
Argentina Ariel Bulasio
Argentina Axel Ochoa
Tunisia Bassem Srarfi
Argentina Bautista Cascini
Mali Boubacar Diarra (footballer, born 1994)
Argentina Braian Álvarez
Argentina Braian Guille
Argentina Braian Rivero
Argentina Braian Romero
Argentina Braian Volpini
Argentina Brian Alferez
Argentina Brian Benítez
Argentina Brian Blasi
Argentina Brian Mieres
Argentina Bruno Pittón
Argentina Bryan Schmidt (footballer)
Scotland Cameron MacPherson
Argentina Carlos Alberto Miguel Rodríguez
Colombia Carlos Andrés Rodríguez Hernández
Uruguay Carlos Emiliano Rodríguez Rodríguez
Chile Carlos Ignacio Rodríguez Flores
Mexico Carlos Rodríguez Chaires
Zimbabwe Carlos Rusere
Argentina Carlos Valenzuela
Argentina César Rigamonti
Ecuador Christian Alemán
Argentina Christian Bernardi (footballer) (Cristian Bernardi)
Argentina Christian Chimino
United States Christian Eissele
Argentina Christian Ortiz
United States C. J. Cochran
Scotland Claire Emslie
Argentina Claudio Corvalán
Zimbabwe Cleopas Dube
Argentina Cristian Gorgerino
Paraguay Cristian Núñez (footballer, born 1997)
Colombia Cristian Ojeda (footballer, born 1985) (Cristian Ojeda)
Argentina Cristian Ojeda (footballer, born 1999)
Argentina Cristian Ramírez (Argentine footballer)
Paraguay Cristian Romero (footballer, born 1989)
Argentina Cristian Romero (footballer, born 1998)
Argentina Cristian Villanueva
Argentina Damián Arce
Argentina Damián Batallini
Argentina Damián Lemos
Argentina Damián Martínez (footballer, born January 1990)
Argentina Damián Martínez (footballer, born June 1990)
Argentina Daniel Alberto González
Argentina Daniel Ibáñez
Uruguay Daniel Martínez (footballer, born 1991)
Argentina Daniel Martínez (footballer, born 1997)
Argentina Daniel Opazo
Zimbabwe Danisa Phiri
Argentina Dardo Miloc
Argentina Darío Ortiz (footballer)
Argentina Darío Salina
Venezuela Darwin González
England David Olaoye
Argentina David Valdez (footballer)
Italy Davide Morello
England Devante Rodney
Zimbabwe Devon Chafa
Argentina Diego Becker
Paraguay Diego Godoy
Brazil Diego Medeiros
Sweden Diego Montiel (footballer, born 1995)
Argentina Diego Montiel (footballer, born 1996)
Argentina Domingo Blanco
Argentina Elías Alderete
Argentina Elías Gómez (footballer, born 1994)
Argentina Elías Umeres
Argentina Emanuel Brítez
Argentina Emanuel Molina
Argentina Emanuel Morales
Argentina Emanuel Zagert
Argentina Emiliano Agüero
Argentina Emiliano Bogado
Argentina Emiliano Franco
Argentina Emiliano Ozuna
Argentina Emiliano Purita
Uruguay Emiliano Romero (footballer, born 1992)
Argentina Emilio Di Fulvio
Ghana Emmanuel Antwi
Argentina Enzo Copetti
Argentina Enzo Martínez (footballer, born 1996)
Argentina Enzo Trinidad
Argentina Enzo Ybañez
Paraguay Epifanio García
Argentina Eric Ramírez (footballer, born 1996)
Argentina Eric Remedi
Argentina Esteban Espíndola
Argentina Esteban Rueda
Argentina Ezequiel Bonacorso
Argentina Ezequiel Bonifacio
Argentina Ezequiel Denis
Argentina Ezequiel Gallegos
Argentina Ezequiel Ham
Argentina Ezequiel Mastrolía
Argentina Ezequiel Montagna
Argentina Ezequiel Parnisari
Argentina Ezequiel Rodríguez (footballer, born 1980)
Argentina Ezequiel Rodríguez (footballer, born 1990)
Argentina Ezequiel Rodríguez (footballer, born 1996)
Argentina Ezequiel Unsain
Argentina Ezequiel Vidal (footballer, born 1987) (Ezequiel Vidal)
Argentina Ezequiel Vidal (footballer, born 1995)
Argentina Fabián Henríquez
Argentina Fabio Álvarez (Favio Álvarez)
Argentina Facundo Altamirano
Argentina Facundo Barboza
Argentina Facundo Britos
Argentina Facundo Bruera
Argentina Facundo Callejo
Argentina Facundo Cobos
Argentina Facundo Ferrero
Argentina Facundo García
Argentina Facundo Gutiérrez
Argentina Facundo Melivillo
Argentina Facundo Oreja
Argentina Facundo Silva (footballer, born 1991) (Facundo Silva)
Uruguay Facundo Silva (footballer, born 1996) ""
Argentina Federico Álvarez
Argentina Federico Costa
Argentina Federico Flores
Argentina Federico Lanzillota (Federico Lanzillotta)
Argentina Federico Lértora
Argentina Federico Milo
Argentina Federico Rosso
Argentina Félix Banega
Argentina Felix Villacorta
Argentina Fernando Alarcón
Argentina Fernando Evangelista
Argentina Fernando Luna (footballer)
Argentina Fernando Telechea
Argentina Federico Fattori
Argentina Federico Mancinelli
Argentina Fernando Cosciuc
Argentina Fernando Juárez
Argentina Fernando Núñez
Argentina Fernando Pellegrino
Argentina Francis Mac Allister
Argentina Francisco Grahl
Argentina Francisco Leonardo
Argentina Francisco Mattia
Argentina Francisco Ortega (footballer)
Argentina Francisco Solé (footballer)
Argentina Franco Bellocq
Argentina Franco Costa (footballer)
Argentina Franco Leys
Argentina Franco Moyano
Argentina Franco Negri
Argentina Franco Pardo
Argentina Franco Pérez
Argentina Gabriel Alanís
Argentina Gabriel Arce
Argentina Gabriel Carabajal
Argentina Gabriel Carrasco
Argentina Gabriel Graciani (footballer, born 1982) (Gabriel Graciani)
Argentina Gabriel Graciani (footballer, born 1993) ""
Argentina Gabriel Gudiño
Argentina Gabriel Lazarte
Argentina Gabriel Morales
Uruguay Gabriel Ramírez (footballer, born 1982)
Argentina Gabriel Ramírez (footballer, born 1995)
Argentina Gabriel Rojas (footballer, born 1997)
Chile Gabriel Rojas (footballer, born 1999)
Argentina Gabriel Sanabria
Argentina Gaspar Gentile
Argentina Gastón Bojanich
Argentina Gastón Cuevas
Uruguay Gastón Giménez (footballer, born 1989) (Gastón Giménez)
Argentina Gastón Giménez (footballer, born 1991) ""
Argentina Gastón Gómez
Argentina Gastón Iturrieta
Argentina Gastón Suso
Argentina Gastón Togni
Argentina Germán Gaitán
Argentina Germán Niz
Argentina Gerónimo Poblete
Argentina Gian Croci
Argentina Gianfranco Ferrero
Argentina Gonzalo Asis
Argentina Gonzalo Di Renzo
Uruguay Gonzalo Freitas
Argentina Gonzalo Giménez
Argentina Gonzalo Jaque
Argentina Gonzalo Lamardo
Argentina Gonzalo Marinelli
Argentina Gonzalo Piovi
Argentina Guido Dal Casón
Argentina Guido Herrera
Argentina Guido Mainero
Argentina Guillermo Benítez
Argentina Guillermo Ortiz (footballer)
Brazil Gustavo Ermel
Argentina Gustavo Sandoval
Argentina Gustavo Toledo
Argentina Gustavo Villarruel
Tunisia Hazem Haj Hassen
Argentina Héctor Fértoli
Argentina Hernán Hechalar
Argentina Horacio Tijanovich
Argentina Hugo Silva (footballer, born 1988)
Argentina Hugo Silva (footballer, born 1992)
Argentina Ian Escobar
Ghana Ibrahim Tanko (footballer)
Argentina Ignacio Arce
Argentina Ignacio Huguenet
Argentina Ignacio Jaúregui
Argentina Ignacio Méndez
Argentina Ijiel Protti
Colombia Iván Arboleda (Mauricio Arboleda)
Argentina Iván Bolaño
Argentina Iván Colman
Argentina Iván Dubois
Portugal Ivan Eduardo Nóbrega da Silva (Ivan Silva (footballer)
Argentina Iván Etevenaux
Argentina Iván Ezequiel Silva
Argentina Iván Varga
Argentina Ivo Chaves
Argentina Ivo Hongn
Argentina Jalil Elías
Argentina Javier Iritier
Argentina Javier Mendoza (footballer)
Brazil Jefferson Arroz
Argentina Jeremías Ledesma
Argentina Joaquín Ibáñez (footballer, born 1995)
Argentina Joaquín Ibáñez (footballer, born 1996)
Argentina Joaquín Laso
Argentina Joaquín Rikemberg
Argentina Joaquín Torres
Argentina Joel Amoroso
Argentina Joel Martínez
Argentina Jonás Romero
Argentina Jonatan Benedetti (Jonathan Benedetti)
Argentina Jonatan Tarquini
Argentina Jonathan Galván
Argentina Jonathan Requena
Uruguay Jonathan Sandoval
Argentina Jorge Agustín Rodríguez
Argentina Jorge Figal
Argentina Jorge Valdez Chamorro
Argentina Jorge Velázquez
Argentina José Méndez (footballer)
Argentina Juan Álvarez (Argentine footballer, born 1996)
Argentina Juan Álvarez (Argentine footballer, born 1997)
Argentina Juan Bauza
Argentina Juan Brunetta (footballer)
Colombia Juan Camilo Saiz (Camilo Saiz)
Argentina Juan Celaya
Argentina Juan Cruz González
Argentina Juan Ezequiel García
Argentina Juan Garro
Argentina Juan Imbert
Argentina Juan Manuel García (Argentine footballer)
Argentina Juan Perotti
Argentina Juan Silva (Argentine footballer)
Chile Juan Silva (Chilean footballer, born 1990)
Uruguay Juan Silva (Uruguayan footballer, born 1989)
Argentina Julián Carranza
Argentina Julián Vitale
Paraguay Julio César Rodríguez Giménez
Argentina Julio Zuñiga
Malaysia Kalaiharasan Letchumanan
Argentina Kevin Ceceri
Kenya Kevin Kimani
Argentina Kevin Mac Allister
Zimbabwe Kudakwashe Musharu
Argentina Lautaro Belleggia
Argentina Lautaro Geminiani
Argentina Lautaro Mesa
Argentina Leandro Contín
Argentina Leandro De Bortoli
Argentina Leandro Fernández (footballer, born 1995)
Argentina Leandro Godoy
Argentina Leandro Lencinas
Argentina Leandro Maciel
Argentina Leandro Sapetti
Uruguay Leandro Sosa (footballer, born 1991)
Uruguay Leandro Zazpe
Brazil Leomir Soares Cruz
Argentina Leonardo Gil
Argentina Leonardo Heredia
Argentina Leonardo Morales (footballer, born 1991)
Argentina Leonardo Sequeira
Argentina Leonel Álvarez (footballer, born 1995)
Argentina Leonel Álvarez (footballer, born 1996)
Argentina Leonel Di Plácido
Argentina Leonel Mosevich
England Levi Sutton
Argentina Lisandro Martínez
Zimbabwe Lot Chiwunga
Argentina Luca Sosa
Argentina Lucas Acosta (footballer, born 1995)
Argentina Lucas Álvarez
Argentina Lucas Blondel
Argentina Lucas Ceballos (footballer, born 1987) (Lucas Ceballos)
Argentina Lucas Ceballos (footballer, born 1988) ""
Argentina Lucas Ceballos (footballer, born 1990) ""
Argentina Lucas Chacana
Argentina Lucas Chávez (footballer)
Argentina Lucas Cuevas
Argentina Lucas Di Yorio
Argentina Lucas Hoyos
Argentina Lucas Mancinelli
Argentina Lucas Márquez (footballer, born 1988)
Argentina Lucas Márquez (footballer, born 1990)
Argentina Lucas Merolla
Argentina Lucas Necul
Argentina Lucas Passerini
Argentina Lucas Salas
Argentina Lucas Suárez (footballer, born 1995)
Argentina Lucas Villarruel
Argentina Luciano Gómez
Argentina Luciano Pizarro
Argentina Luciano Recalde
Argentina Luis Ardente
Argentina Luis De Faría
Argentina Luis Eduardo López
Argentina Luis Emanuel López
Mexico Luis Fernando López Figueroa
Mexico Luis Fernando López Payan
Argentina Luis Jerez Silva
Dominican Republic Luis Manuel López Checo
Spain Luis Manuel López Gil
Uruguay Luis Manuel López Viera
Spain Luis Miguel López Beltrán
Guatemala Luis Rodolfo López Meneses
Argentina Manuel Bustos
Argentina Manuel Falón
Chile Manuel García (footballer, born 1985)
Argentina Manuel García (footballer, born 1988)
Spain Manuel González (footballer, born 1917)
Spain Manuel González (footballer, born 1929)
Spain Manuel González (footballer, born 1943)
Spain Manuel González (footballer, born 1953)
Argentina Marcelino Moreno
Argentina Marcelo Benítez (footballer, born 1989) (Marcelo Benítez)
Argentina Marcelo Benítez (footballer, born 1991) ""
Argentina Marcelo Guzmán
Argentina Marcelo Herrera (footballer, born 1992)
Argentina Marcelo Ortiz
Argentina Marco Borgnino
Argentina Marcos Curado
Argentina Marcos Díaz (footballer)
Argentina Marcos Figueroa
Argentina Marcos Martinich
Argentina Marcos Minetti
Argentina Marcos Pérez
Argentina Marcos Rivadero
Argentina Mariano Barbieri
Argentina Mariano Mauri
Argentina Mariano Puch
Zimbabwe Marshal Mudehwe
Argentina Martín Giménez (footballer, born 1988) (Martín Giménez)
Argentina Martín Giménez (footballer, born 1991)
Argentina Martín Lucero
Argentina Martín Ojeda (footballer, born 1997) (Martín Ojeda)
Argentina Martín Ojeda (footballer, born 1998)
Argentina Martín Peralta
Argentina Martín Pérez Guedes
Argentina Matías Gallegos
Argentina Matías Garrido
Argentina Matías Giordano
Argentina Matías González (footballer, born 1990)
Uruguay Matías González (footballer, born 1992)
Uruguay Matías González (footballer, born 1993)
Argentina Matías González (footballer, born 1994)
Argentina Matías González (footballer, born 1997)
Argentina Matías Mansilla
Argentina Matías Mayer
Argentina Matías Medina
Argentina Matías Moya
Argentina Matías Nani
Argentina Matías Noble
Argentina Matías Nizzo
Argentina Matías Rodríguez (footballer, born 1987) (Matías Rodríguez)
Argentina Matías Rodríguez (footballer, born 1993) ""
Argentina Matías Sánchez (footballer, born 1979) (Matías Sánchez)
Argentina Matías Sánchez (footballer, born 1983) ""
Chile Matías Sánchez (footballer, born 1990) ""
Argentina Matías Sánchez (footballer, born 1996) ""
Argentina Matías Soler
Argentina Matías Sosa (footballer, born 1995)
Argentina Matías Tissera
Argentina Matías Vega
Argentina Matías Zaldívar
Slovenia Matic Paljk
England Matty Willock (Matthew Willock)
Argentina Mauricio del Castillo
Argentina Mauricio Rosales
Argentina Mauricio Sanna
Argentina Mauricio Toni
Argentina Mauro Albertengo
Argentina Mauro Mallorca
Argentina Mauro Molina
Argentina Mauro Ortiz
Argentina Mauro Osores
Argentina Mauro Pittón
Argentina Maximiliano Algañaraz
Argentina Maximiliano Casa
Argentina Maximiliano Cavallotti
Argentina Maximiliano Díaz (footballer)
Argentina Maximiliano González
Argentina Maximiliano Lovera
Argentina Maximiliano Lugo
Argentina Maximiliano Meza
Argentina Maximiliano Pollacchi
Argentina Maximiliano Velazco
Argentina Maximiliano Zárate
Zimbabwe Maxwell Nyamupanedengu
Canada Melissa Busque
Argentina Michael López (Argentine footballer)
Chile Michael López (Chilean footballer)
Argentina Miguel Barbieri
Argentina Miguel Escobar
Colombia Miguel Julio
Argentina Miguel Mellado
Iran Mojtaba Esmaeilzadeh
England Morgan Roberts
Argentina Nahuel Barrios
Argentina Nahuel Bustos
Argentina Nahuel Estévez
Argentina Nahuel Luján
Argentina Nahuel Menéndez
Argentina Nahuel Pájaro
Argentina Nahuel Quiroga
Argentina Nahuel Tecilla
Argentina Nahuel Tenaglia
Argentina Nahuel Tribulo
Argentina Nahuel Yeri
Argentina Nazareno Bazán
Argentina Nehuén Paz
Argentina Neri Bandiera
Argentina Néstor Breitenbruch
Argentina Nicolás Álvarez (footballer)
Argentina Nicolás Bazzana
Argentina Nicolás Benegas
Argentina Nicolás Bertocchi
Argentina Nicolás Canavessio
Uruguay Nicolás Dibble
Argentina Nicolás Fabián Rodríguez
Argentina Nicolás Franco (footballer)
Argentina Nicolás Giménez (footballer, born 1996) (Nicolás Giménez)
Venezuela Nicolás Giménez (footballer, born 2000)
Argentina Nicolás González (footballer, born 1994)
Uruguay Nicolás González (footballer, born 1995)
Uruguay Nicolás González (footballer, born 1997)
Argentina Nicolás González (footballer, born 1998)
Argentina Nicolás Herranz
Argentina Nicolás Ibáñez (footballer, born 1992) (Nicolás Ibáñez)
Argentina Nicolás Ibáñez (footballer, born 1994) ""
Argentina Nicolás Leguizamón
Argentina Nicolás Maná
Argentina Nicolás Messiniti
Argentina Nicolás Miracco
Argentina Nicolás Ortiz (footballer, born 1995)
Argentina Nicolás Pantaleone
Argentina Nicolás Pasquini
Argentina Nicolás Pelaitay
Argentina Nicolás Reniero
Argentina Nicolás Sánchez (footballer, born 1992)
Argentina Nicolás Servetto
Argentina Nicolás Silva
Argentina Nicolás Talpone
Argentina Nicolás Zalazar
Zimbabwe Ocean Mushure
England Oliver Rathbone
Paraguay Omar Alderete
Colombia Óscar Cabezas
Argentina Oscar Leguizamón
Argentina Osvaldo Arroyo
Argentina Pablo Becker
Argentina Pablo Bueno
Argentina Pablo Cuadra (Maximiliano Cuadra)
Argentina Pablo Heredia
Argentina Pablo Santillo
Argentina Pedro Fernández (Argentine footballer) (Pedro Fernández)
Paraguay Pedro Fernández (Paraguayan footballer) ""
Argentina Rafael Barrios
Argentina Rafael Delgado (footballer)
Argentina Ramiro Garay
Argentina Ramiro Martínez (footballer)
Argentina Ramón Barraza
Zimbabwe Raphael Manuvire
Cameroon Raphaël Messi Bouli
Argentina Renso Pérez
Argentina Renzo Alfani
Argentina Renzo Vera
England Robert Bourne (footballer)
Argentina Roberto Ramírez (footballer)
Argentina Rodrigo Aliendro
Argentina Rodrigo Arciero
Argentina Rodrigo Ayala
Argentina Rodrigo Cabalucci
Argentina Rodrigo Colombo
Argentina Rodrigo Córdoba
Argentina Rodrigo De Ciancio
Argentina Rodrigo Depetris
Argentina Rodrigo Faust
Argentina Rodrigo Migone
Argentina Rodrigo Moreira (footballer, born 1996)
Uruguay Rodrigo Moreira (footballer, born 2001)
Argentina Rodrigo Salinas (footballer, born 1986)
Zimbabwe Ronald Chitiyo
England Rosella Ayane
Argentina Said Llambay
Argentina Salvador Sánchez (footballer)
Argentina Santiago Camacho
Argentina Santiago Chacón
Uruguay Santiago Gabriel Martínez Pintos
Argentina Santiago Giordana
Argentina Santiago Lebus
Uruguay Santiago López (footballer, born 1982) (Santiago López)
Argentina Santiago López (footballer, born 1989)
Uruguay Santiago López (footballer, born 1991)
Mexico Santiago López (footballer, born 1992)
Argentina Santiago López (footballer, born 1997)
Argentina Santiago Nagüel
Argentina Sebastián Anchoverri
Argentina Sebastián Bertoli
Argentina Sebastián Lomonaco
Argentina Sebastián Moyano (footballer)
Argentina Sebastián Navarro
Argentina Sebastián Olivarez
Argentina Sergio Barreto
Argentina Sergio Fabián González
Argentina Sergio Nelson González
Argentina Sergio Ojeda
Argentina Sergio Sagarzazu
Argentina Sergio Sosa
England Steven Sessegnon
Zimbabwe Talent Chawapiwa
Paraguay Teodoro Paredes
Chile Thomas Rodríguez
Argentina Tobías Figueroa
Argentina Tomás Baroni
Argentina Tomás Berra
Argentina Tomás Cuello
Argentina Tomás Guidara
Argentina Tomás Molina (footballer)
Argentina Tomás Sandoval
Argentina Víctor Salazar (footballer, born 1993)
Argentina Victorio Ramis
England Vyan Sampson
Argentina Walter Acuña
Peru Walter Andrade (footballer, born 1982)
Argentina Walter Andrade (footballer, born 1984)
Argentina Wilfredo Olivera
England Willem Tomlinson
Ghana William Opoku
Ghana William Opoku Mensah
Paraguay Williams Riveros
Argentina Yamil Garnier
Argentina Yamil Silva
The Gambia Yusupha Bobb
Argentina Zacarías Morán

Managers (2)[edit]

England Des Buckingham
Uruguay Matías González (football manager)

Other (3)[edit]

A-League transfers for 2017–18 season
List of English football transfers summer 2014
Zimbabwe national football team results – 2000s


Shows (1)[edit]

Gap Year (TV series)

Channels (1)[edit]


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