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There is a major problem at Wikimedia Commons: the project there has run away with itself.

In my experience, it is inhabited by the biggest bunch of officious jerks you could ever hope not to meet. Even the IPs that edit there are infected with this lack of community spirit. People spend time (and sometimes money) traveling somewhere to get a requested picture, upload it and get silence. A year later, someone templates them: they didn't categorize it or they categorized it very very faintly wrongly, or it is on a subject that has "enough" photos or whatever.

These templates never begin "thank you for uploading..." or "can I help you with...". They're just nitpicking templates from people who only nitpick and move images from one category to another, unable to decide between them where they belong, but unanimous that the uploader is an idiot for not getting it right first time. I've watched as my images were endlessly shunted from one category to another category to another category, each editor somehow getting it wrong, but then writing to me to complain that I wasn't perfect the first time.

That was hard enough to take on Commons, but they're now increasingly active here and bring their nasty habits with them, templating regular users to complain of the same imaginary problems or making veiled threats to stalk complainants' contributions, again without even the most common of courtesies.

Stuff Commons and its officious jerk editors - I'm helping Wikipedia by uploading free images, not damaging it, so they can fuck that for a game of marbles. ➨ ЯEDVEЯS used to be a sweet boy 12:20, 5 June 2008 (UTC)