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I am interested and professionally involved in the field of History. My specific areas of knowledge are the Carolingian period, Anglo-Saxon England and the early Crusades, including the Military Orders - though I am interested in most areas of Military and European History. It is perhaps also worth mentioning that I have a strong understanding of a number of languages (better at reading than speaking I must add). However, I think that I'm going to try and avoid editing the fields which I directly work in as I'd like to maintain a distance between work on Wikipedia and that of my real life; this might seem strange but I have three major reasons: firstly they are of very different nature with my own work focussing on original research; secondly I feel my edits might show some bias as I have strong opinions on a number of the issues; and thirdly just to keep me sane.

A bit more about me: I live in the UK; I enjoy theatre, horticulture, football, tennis, badminton and consider myself rather a cigar aficionado.

I've used Wikipedia as a resource for years and would love to help improve it using the knowledge and commitment I have at my disposal.

Please feel free to leave me any messages on my talk page.

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