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File:Ayna logo.jpg
Web address
Slogan The Answer to your Questions![1]
Commercial Yes
Type of site
Search Engine and Web Portal
Registration Optional
Available in Arabic, English, French
Owner Ayna Corporation
Launched 1997
Revenue NA
Alexa rank
51,522 (3,367 in Saudi Arabia)[2]
Current status Active

Ayna (Arabic: أين) (pronounced /eɪ.nə/ (deprecated template)) is an Arabic search engine and web portal founded in 1997 by Ayna Corporation and based at Beirut, Lebanon.[3] It is the first-launched Arabic search engine.[4] It offers mobile applications for road traffic and for weather.


Ayna developed online maps in 2008.[5]

Key people[edit]

  • Adonis El Fakih, CEO
  • Pamela Farhat, Media & Marketing Manager
  • Nabil M.Moustafa, Business & Operations Manager
  • Omar Khaled, Partner Relations Manager[6]


Ayna means “where” in Arabic.[7]

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