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File:Ayna logo.jpg
Type of site
Search Engine and Web Portal
Available in Arabic, English, French
Owner Ayna Corporation
Revenue NA
Slogan(s) The Answer to your Questions![1]
Alexa rank 51,522 (3,367 in Saudi Arabia)[2]
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched 1997
Current status Active

Ayna (Arabic: أين) (pronounced /eɪ.nə/ (deprecated template)) is an Arabic search engine and web portal founded in 1997 by Ayna Corporation and based at Beirut, Lebanon.[3] It is the first-launched Arabic search engine.[4] It offers mobile applications for road traffic and for weather.


Ayna developed online maps in 2008.[5]

Key people[edit]

  • Adonis El Fakih, CEO
  • Pamela Farhat, Media & Marketing Manager
  • Nabil M.Moustafa, Business & Operations Manager
  • Omar Khaled, Partner Relations Manager[6]


Ayna means “where” in Arabic.[7]

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