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Hello!!! Welcome to my user page. I am an artist who lives in london. Any contributions to Category; artists books and multiples greatly appreciated. I like Yves Klein and Fluxus quite a lot. Any suggestions for important/interesting/unusual books and multiples to be tracked down and written about, please say. Currently contributing to Fluxus, finally, and hope to add more modern books after that. Anyone interested in discussing notable books, esp people like Munari and more modern stuff, leave me a note on the talk page.

Pages AddedYves PeinturesLineeCorpo d'AriaDimancheMémoires / Fin de CopenhagueLiteraturwurstWater Yam (artist's book)La prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de FranceUn Coup de Dés Jamais N'Abolira Le Hasard (Broodthaers)Universal WarTwentysix Gasoline StationsRussian Ballet (book)Die-Cut Plug Wiring Diagram BookSpice ChessZone de Sensibilité Picturale ImmatérielleRobert Watts (artist)BÏF§ZF+18Tango With CowsFluxus 1Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra Visits Planet EarthThe Nubians of PlutoniaSound Sun Pleasure!!Interstellar Low WaysFate In A Pleasant MoodHoliday For Soul DanceWe Travel the Space WaysThe Futuristic Sounds of Sun RaBad and Beautiful (album)Art Forms of Dimensions TomorrowSecrets of the SunWhen Sun Comes OutCosmic Tones for Mental TherapyWhen Angels Speak of LoveOther Planes of ThereStrange StringsMonorails and SatellitesKlängePages with contributionsObject to Be DestroyedPiero ManzoniAnna Blume / Die KathedraleBLAST (magazine)Grapefruit (book)Kurt SchwittersDieter RothRaoul HausmannGeorge MaciunasTakako SaitoArtist's bookZang Tumb TumbGeorge BrechtPictures Uploaded IncludeWater YamCut PieceDas UndbildFluxus 1IKBUn Coup De Jamais...Universal Warla Prose de Transsiberien...Die Cut Plug Wiring BookRabbitShitRabbitTango With CowsPages knocked about a bitCOBRA (avant-garde movement)Samuel PalmerNouveau réalismeWyndham LewisPages In The Pipeline • Maybe Marcel BroodthaersAny help withFluxus Things, such as Water Yam Festival • Parallèlement • Klänge • Transrational Boog • About 2 Squares • For The Voice • Parole in libertà • Ursonate (Merz 24) • Boîte-en-valise • Hepérile Éclaté • Bok • The Copley Book • Andy Warhol's Index • Time Kit • The Zerox Book • Flash November 22 1963 • Statements (artist's book) • Reality • Je Trop Meurs • Trans-State • Lego (multiple) • Legendary, Lexical, Loquacious Love • would be great. Rewriting Artist's shit would also be good • And is anyone up for writing something about one of Richard Long's many books??

Contributions made and planned for a virtual library of artist's books and multiples on wikipedia; pages started by others in brackets; pages without any contributions in double brackets:

Anyone who wants to can e.mail me at or look at [8]