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Utopia Group SA is a Luxembourgish cinema chain that owns and operates cinemas located predominantly in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. The company operates most of its cinemas under the brand name of Utopolis. As of 2006, in addition to the fifteen located in the Low Countries, there is a Utopia cinema in Longwy, on the French side of the Franco-Luxembourgish border. The company was formed on 6 September 2002 as a result of the merger between Luxembourg's Utopia SA and the Dutch Polyfilm BV.

In 2005, the company sold 3.48m tickets across its theatres; this was down by 10% over 2004. The company's sales of €33.3m was divided roughly equally between its three main markets. From profits of €1.5m in 2004, the company made a pre-tax loss of €0.9m in 2005 as a result of declining turnover.[1] The largest single shareholder is Utopia Management S.A. (46.3%), followed by Audiolux (27.2%), and Sofindev (8.9%), with the remaining shares listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.[2]

Utopia's flagship cinema is the Utopolis Kirchberg, located in Luxembourg City.


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