VFW-Fokker H3 Sprinter

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H3 Sprinter
VFW H-3 Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg.jpg
VFW-Fokker H3 on display at the Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg
Role Experimental rotorcraft
Manufacturer VFW-Fokker
First flight 15 March 1971
Produced 2

The VFW-Fokker H3 Sprinter was a single-engined experimental rotorcraft designed and built in West Germany. Two aircraft were produced by VFW-Fokker in the early 1970s, registered D-9543 and D-9544. Intended as the first of a family of tip-jet driven helicopters the two H3 prototypes flew briefly but the method of rotor propulsion was found to be unsuccessful for this size of aircraft. Due to a high rotor overspeed, they could perform jump take-offs to 280 feet (85 m) at a rate of 1,600 feet (490 m) per minute.[1] An improved H4 variant was designed but not built.

Aircraft on display[edit]

Both aircraft have survived, D-9543 is currently on display at the Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg with the other H3 thought to be in a private collection in Germany.[2]

Specifications (H3)[edit]

Data from Jane's Pocket Book of Research and Experimental Aircraft, 1976.[3]

General characteristics


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