Vache II

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Vache II
King of Caucasian Albania
Reign 444–463
Coronation 444
Predecessor Aswagen
Successor Vachagan III
House Arsacid
Father Aswagen
Mother Unnamed sister of Yazdegerd II
Religion Church of Caucasian Albania

Vache II (in Armenian Վաչե Բ. or Վաչէ Բ.) was the king of Caucasian Albania from 444 to 463. He was a nephew of Yazdegerd II. In the middle of the 5th century by the order of the Persian king Peroz I, Vache built in Utik the city initially called Perozabad, and later Partaw and Barda, and made it the capital of Albania. He was forced to convert to Zoroastrianism by Peroz I. As a reaction he started his rebellion against Sassanids. He allied himself to Maskuts and expelled his sister and mother because of their faith in Zoroaster. He abdicated his throne in 463. After him Albania remained as satrapy without king for 30 years until Vachagan III.