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Valéron Strength Films produces a flexible cross laminated high strength polyethylene film available in thicknesses ranging from 60 to 265 micrometres. It is a registered trademark of Valéron Strength Films and has been produced since 1965. Valéron is a business unit of ITW Corporation, a global manufacturing company headquartered in Chicago, IL. Valéron film is produced at manufacturing sites in Houston, TX and Essen, Belgium.

Manufacturing process[edit]

Valéron film is made with a 3-step production process.

The first step provides for maximum molecular orientation in the machine direction. The result is a structure with high mechanical characteristics in the machine direction but normal characteristics in the cross direction. As such structures (also called unbalanced structures) are difficult to convert in industrial processes, two additional steps are required to complete the production process.

A second spiral cutting step will shift the molecular orientation from the machine direction into a direction under an angle of 45°.

The third and final step laminates a +45° structure with a -45° structure. As such a cross-pattern is created throughout the entire structure of the flexible film. We call such a structure a Valéron cross-laminated film. Cross-laminated because of the cross-pattern that is visibly present in the entire film.[1]


The cross-pattern achieved by the above process makes the film difficult to tear as well as providing increased tear propagation and puncture resistance. The proprietary process provides a film with high impact resistance, propagated tear resistance and chemical resistance.

Other features[edit]

  • Valéron is a sustainable specialty material and can be 100% recycled in a polyethylene waste stream.
  • It may be used to replace thicker substrates while maintaining the same mechanical characteristics, thus preserving scarce resin materials.
  • It makes other materials stronger.
  • Valéron has a smooth surface and is printable.
  • It is not a PVC film and hence does not contain chlorine groups.
  • It extends the life-cycle of the products to which it is applied.


Several uses may be found in construction, automotives, specialty & child resistant packaging, printed labels and tags and the identification of medical products.


Valéron is manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. There are two production units: Essen, Belgium and Houston, Texas – USA


  1. ^ Information provided by Clint Beutelschies, VP Sales & Marketing, Valeron Strength Films

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