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First Valls Government
37th government of France
31 March 2014 – 25 August 2014
Valls Toulouse 2012.JPG
Date formed 31 March 2014
Date dissolved 25 August 2014
People and organisations
Head of government Manuel Valls
Head of state François Hollande
Number of ministers 16
Member parties Socialist Party
Radical Party of the Left
Predecessor Ayrault Cabinet II
Successor Valls Cabinet II

The First Valls Government was the thirty-seventh Government of France. It was led by Manuel Valls, who was appointed Prime Minister of France on 31 March 2014. It was composed of 15 ministers from the Socialist Party (PS) and two from the Radical Party of the Left (PRG).[1] It was the third cabinet declared by President Hollande and replaced the second Ayrault Cabinet. It was established following the French municipal elections, 2014.

Europe Ecology – The Greens, who had been part of the Ayrault Cabinet, chose not to be part of the cabinet. The Socialist Party, with 290 representatives, and the Radical Party of the Left, with 16 representatives, together have 306 of the 577 representatives in the National Assembly.[2]

The cabinet was smaller than the preceding Ayrault Cabinet, and one of the smallest of the fifth republic;[3] having 16 full ministers as opposed to the 20 in the Ayrault Cabinet.[4]

Valls came from the position as Minister of the Interior, and 14 other ministers also held positions as ministers or junior ministers in the outgoing Ayrault Cabinet. Nine ministers kept the same ministry (with some change in portefolio for some), including Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Minister of Defence Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Two ministers had not been part of the Ayrault Cabinet: Ségolène Royal, who had previously been Minister in the Bérégovoy Cabinet and junior Minister in the Jospin Cabinet, and François Rebsamen, who came from the position as leader of the Socialist Party group in the French Senate was included in a cabinet for the first time, becoming Minister of Labour.

Apart from the prime minister, the cabinet had full gender parity, with eight female and eight male ministers.

The average age of government ministers at the time of appointment was 54;[5] with Laurent Fabius at 67 being the oldest and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem at 36 being the youngest.[6]

On 9 April 2014, fourteen Secretaries of States were appointed. They included Fleur Pellerin, who was deputy minister in Ayrault's cabinet, and First Secretary of the French Socialist Party Harlem Désir who both became secretaries to the foreign minister.[7]

Born in Barcelona and becoming a French national in 1982, aged 19, Valls is the first French prime minister during the Fifth Republic who was not born a French citizen.[8]

Prime Minister[edit]

Post Name Party
Valls Toulouse 2012.JPG Prime Minister Valls, ManuelManuel Valls PS


Post Name Party
Laurent Fabius 2009.jpg Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Fabius, LaurentLaurent Fabius PS
Fête de la Fraternité 2009 - Ségolène Royal et Najat Belkacem by Mikani-crop.JPG Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy Royal, SégolèneSégolène Royal PS
BHamon2012.jpg Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research Hamon, BenoîtBenoît Hamon PS
Christiane Taubira - Royal & Zapatero's meeting in Toulouse for the 2007 French presidential election 0529 2007-04-19.jpg Minister of Justice
Keeper of the Seals
Taubira, ChristianeChristiane Taubira PRG
Michel Sapin.jpg Minister of Finance and Public Accounts Sapin, MichelMichel Sapin PS
Arnaudmontebourg.png Minister of Economy, Recovery of Productivity and Digital Affairs Montebourg, ArnaudArnaud Montebourg PS
Marisoltouraine-crop.png Minister of Social Affairs Touraine, MarisolMarisol Touraine PS
Socialist rally Zenith 2007 05 29 n15.jpg Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Dialogue Rebsamen, FrançoisFrançois Rebsamen PS
Rennes - 6 mai 2012 JY Le Drian-02 (cropped).JPG Minister of Defence Le Drian, Jean-YvesJean-Yves Le Drian PS
Bernard Cazeneuve.jpg Minister of the Interior Cazeneuve, BernardBernard Cazeneuve PS
Portrait Najat Vallaud-Belkacem-crop.jpg Minister of Women's Rights, Urbanity, Youth Affairs and Sports Vallaud-Belkacem, NajatNajat Vallaud-Belkacem PS
Marylise Lebranchu (crop).jpg Minister of Decentralisation, State Reform and Public Service Lebranchu, MaryliseMarylise Lebranchu PS
Aurélie Filippetti Cannes 2013.jpg Minister of Culture and Communication Filippetti, AurélieAurélie Filippetti PS
Le Foll Toulouse 2012.JPG Minister of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry, Government Spokesperson Le Foll, StéphaneStéphane Le Foll PS
Sylvia Pinel 1.jpg Minister of Housing and Territorial Development Pinel, SylviaSylvia Pinel PRG
George Pau-Langevin - Février 2013 (2).jpg Minister of Overseas France Pau-Langevin, GeorgeGeorge Pau-Langevin PS

Secretary of State[edit]

Post Ministry Name Party
Jean Marie Le Guen.JPG Secretary of State for Parliamentary Relations Prime Minister Le Guen, Jean-MarieJean-Marie Le Guen PS
Fleur Pellerin Forum Mondial du Libre 2012 09 cropped.jpg Secretary of State for Foreign Trade and Tourism Promotion Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Pellerin, FleurFleur Pellerin PS
Harlem Désir 01.JPG Secretary of State for European Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Désir, HarlemHarlem Désir PS
Annick Girardin.jpg Secretary of State Development and Francophonie Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Girardin, AnnickAnnick Girardin PRG
Frédéric CUVILLIER, Député-Maire de Boulogne-sur-mer (crop).jpg Secretary of State for Transport, Marine and Fisherie Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy Cuvillier, FrédéricFrédéric Cuvillier PS
Geneviève Fioraso - Février 2013.jpg Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research Fioraso, GenevièveGeneviève Fioraso PS
Christian Eckert (22 mai 2014).jpg Secretary of State for the Budget Minister of Finance and Public Accounts Eckert, ChristianChristian Eckert PS
Valérie Fourneyron.jpg
Secretary of State for Trade, Crafts, Consumer and Social Economy and Solidarity Minister of Finance and Public Accounts Valérie Fourneyron (until June 3, 2014) ;
Carole Delga (since June 3, 2014)
Axelle Lemaire - August 2011.jpg State Secretary for Digital Economy Minister of Finance and Public Accounts Lemaire, AxelleAxelle Lemaire PS
Arif Carmaux 2012.JPG Secretary of State for Veterans Defence Arif, KaderKader Arif PS
André Vallini.jpg Secretary of State for Territorial Reform Minister of Decentralisation, State Reform and Public Service Vallini, AndréAndré Vallini PS
LR-2012-Hémicycle.JPG Secretary of State for Family, Elderly People and self Social Affairs and Health Rossignol, LaurenceLaurence Rossignol PS
Segolene Neuville.jpg State Secretary for the Disabled Social Affairs and Health Neuville, SégolèneSégolène Neuville PS
Meeting d'Athlétisme Paralympique de Paris - Thierry Braillard 01.jpg Secretary of State for Sports Minister of Women's Rights, Urbanity, Youth Affairs and Sport Braillard, ThierryThierry Braillard PRG


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