Valtro PM-5/PM-5-350

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Valtro PM-5
Type Shotgun
Place of origin Italy
Service history
Wars War in Afghanistan
Production history
Designer Valtro
Designed 1980s
Manufacturer Valtro
Produced 1980s-Present
Weight 3 kg
Length 901.7 mm

Cartridge 12 gauge
Action pump-action
Feed system 7+1 round box magazine

The Valtro PM-5 is a 12 gauge Italian pump-action shotgun manufactured by Valtro.

The PM-5 was developed by the Italian company Valtro and used by various police and military forces, including the French Navy. The PM-5 has a removable magazine, and it is available with either a fixed stock or a folding stock.

They are reportedly actually manufactured by Benelli. Imports has been banned for several years now but are used in Europe by numerous security forces. Both 7- and 10-round magazines have been manufactured, although the 7-round magazine is much more common.

Renowned for their simplicity, light weight and reliability, the shotgun has sold on the US market for as much as $1200.00. Currently PM-5 model produced by Brixia Shotguns in Italy, a company that bought Valtro Brand after it declared bankruptcy.[citation needed]

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