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Georg Wilhelm (Vasily Fiodorovitch) Timm (Russian: Тимм, Василий Фёдорович, Latvian: Georgs Vilhelms Timms; born 9 June 1820 O.S. near Riga, died 19 April 1895 in Berlin) was a Baltic German painter and graphical artist,[1] whose paintings and lithographies documented the life and institutions of Imperial Russia.

He studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg. Afterwards he lived for a while in Paris and Algeria but had to return to Russian Empire after the French Revolution of 1848. He fought with the Russian army in the Caucasian War and took part in the Crimean War. Between 1851 and 1862 he published the Russian Art Leaflet, a periodical which chronicled life in Russia by printing paintings and associated texts. After 1867 he lived in Berlin.[2]

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