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Veitel-Heine Ephraim (1703 – 1775 in Berlin) was Jeweller to the Prussian Court and Mint Master under the Prussian Kings Frederick William I and Frederick the Great.

He became infamous for debasing the currency on behalf of Frederick the Great in order to finance the Seven Years' War.

He was married to Elke Fraenkel (died 1769). He had three sons: Joseph Ephraim (1730-1786), Edel Ephraim (1728-1750) and Zacharias Ephraim (1736-1779). Zacharias married Rosine Samson who died in 1803. Their daughter Rosette Ephraim married Heimann Fraenkel (1748-1824) who was Elke's grandson.

Veitel-Heine Ephraim's great-granddaughter was Sara Grotthuis, a noted literary salon hostess in Berlin around 1800.


Forgotten Fragments of the History of an Old Jewish Family by Louis and Henry Fraenkel

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