Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar

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Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar
Velvet Chain Live.jpg
Live album by Velvet Chain
Released December 2000
Recorded 2000
Length 52:08
Label Freak Records
Producer Jeff Stacy
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Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar is the third album by Velvet Chain, released in December 2000 under the Freak Records label. It is a live recording of a concert at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica, California on August the 4th, 2000 with some additional songs recorded in a studio. Also on the CD are videos and pictures of the concert.


Track listing[edit]

  1. Come to Me (Jeff Stacy) - 6:18
  2. Frenchie (Stacy, Erika Amato) - 5:24
  3. Sour Times (Geoff Barrow, Gibbons, A Utely, L Schifrin, H Borrks, O Turner)- 2:37
  4. You Got Me (Stacy) - 4:46
  5. Don't Leave A Diva (Stacy, J Brucker) - 6:39
  6. Treason (Stacy, Amato, Tom Calzini)- 5:06
  7. Strong (Stacy, Amato) - 3:30
  8. Come To Me (Stacy) - 6:06
  9. Little Sugar (Stacy) - 4:31
  10. You Got Me (Stacy) - 3:59
  11. My One Desire (Stacy) - 3:12

Tracks 8 to 11 were recorded in a studio a few days before the concert.

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