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Venla is a Finnish television award similar to the American Emmy Award. It has been awarded annually since 1982.

The drama and entertainment judges award prizes in eleven categories. Yleisövenla ("Public Venla") is selected by the public. Additionally both kinds of judges may award a Special Venla. Thus, 12–14 Venlas are awarded every year, often 13.

The five biggest Finnish television channels take part in the event: Yle TV1, Yle TV2, MTV3, Nelonen, and Yle Fem.

The Venla Gala is arranged every January by one of the partaking channels.


  • Best drama series
  • Best television film
  • Best drama director
  • Best drama script
  • Best female actor
  • Best male actor
  • Best comedy series
  • Best music series
  • Best performer
  • Best entertainment show
  • Best game show
  • Public Venla
  • Special Venla