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Verlaten Island (Dutch: "Abandoned", "Deserted" or "Forsaken"; modern Indonesian: Sertung) is an island in the Sunda Strait in Indonesia, between Java and Sumatra. It is one of the Krakatoa Islands, near the famous volcano. Other than some minor collapse in the southeast (closest to the main island of Krakatoa), Verlaten suffered little damage in the 1883 eruption. Instead, it grew almost 3 times in area due to pumice fall, although most of the gain was quickly eroded away.


Verlaten is a rather low island with a hill in the middle. After the 1883 eruption, Verlaten developed a low spit of land to the north-east with a brackish lake near the end. This lake became a waterfowl haven, but has since been breached by wave erosion.


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