Vermillion (album)

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Studio album by The Three O'Clock
Released 1988
Genre Alternative rock, Paisley Underground, new wave
Label Paisley Park Records
Producer Ian Ritchie
The Three O'Clock chronology
Ever After

Vermillion is the fourth and last album by The Three O'Clock, released in 1988.[1] It was released on Paisley Park Records - the label started by Prince. It also included a song written by Prince called "Neon Telephone".

Track listing[edit]

Side A

  1. "Vermillion" - 0.38
  2. "Love Explosion" - 4.01
  3. "To Be Where You Are" - 3.55
  4. "When She Becomes My Girl" - 3.30
  5. "World On Fire" - 3.31
  6. "Neon Telephone" - 3.57

Side B

  1. "On Paper" - 4.02
  2. "Ways Of Magic" - 4.08
  3. "Time's Going Slower" - 3.19
  4. "Love Has No Heart" - 4.24
  5. "Through The Sleepy Town" - 6.02


  • Danny Benair - drums, vocals
  • Jason Falkner - guitar, vocals
  • Mike Mariano - keyboards, vocals
  • Michael Quercio - lead vocals, bass guitar


The band also recorded: Covers that are unreleased. Make It Easy On Yourself (Falkner vocal) Ticket To Ride,and He's On The Beach,plus a long fake jazz track on downtime..There is also a band made documentary by Danny Benair and Jason Falkner of the making of the record.