Vessel of Wrath

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Vessel of Wrath
Vessel of Wrath.jpg
Directed by Erich Pommer
Produced by Charles Laughton
Erich Pommer
Written by Bartlett Cormack (writer)
W. Somerset Maugham (novel)
B. Van Thal
Starring Elsa Lanchester
Charles Laughton
Music by Richard Addinsell
Orchestrated, Lionel Salter
Direction, Muir Mathieson
Cinematography Jules Kruger
Edited by Robert Hamer
Jean Barker
Mayflower Pictures
Distributed by Associated British Film Distributors (UK)
Paramount Pictures (US)
Release date
4 March 1938
Running time
92 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Vessel of Wrath is a 1938 British film directed by Erich Pommer, and produced by Pommer and star Charles Laughton. It was based on the Somerset Maugham story The Vessel of Wrath.The film is also known as The Beachcomber in the US.



Pauline Kael gave the film a very positive review, calling it a "charming, neglected romantic comedy" in which both Laughton and Lanchester are "wonderful".[1]

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