Vetrovec v R

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Vetrovec v R
Supreme Court of Canada
Hearing: 20 May 1981
Judgment: 31 May 1982
Full case name Joseph Vetrovec v Her Majesty The Queen
Citations [1982] 1 SCR 811
Prior history APPEAL from R v Vetrovec 1980 CanLII 310 (10 November 1980)
Ruling Appeal dismissed
Court Membership
Chief Justice: Bora Laskin
Puisne Justices: Ronald Martland, Roland Ritchie, Brian Dickson, Jean Beetz, Willard Estey, William McIntyre, Julien Chouinard, Antonio Lamer
Reasons given
Unanimous reasons by Dickson J

Vetrovec v R [1982] 1 SCR 811 is a leading Canadian decision on the testimony evidence of accomplices. The case birthed the Vetrovec warning, which gives judges the discretion to warn the jury of the risks of accepting the testimony of untrustworthy witnesses.

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