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The Vezouze at Thiébauménil
Country France
Main source Mont Donon
River mouth Meurthe
48°34′53″N 6°56′45″E / 48.58139°N 6.94583°E / 48.58139; 6.94583Coordinates: 48°34′53″N 6°56′45″E / 48.58139°N 6.94583°E / 48.58139; 6.94583
Basin size 563 km2 (217 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 75.1 km (46.7 mi)
  • Average rate:
    6.82 m3/s (241 cu ft/s)

The Vezouze is a river in north-eastern France, right tributary to the river Meurthe. Its source is on Mont Donon in the Vosges département.

The river joins the Meurthe on the northern edge of Lunéville, France, the former capital of Lorraine that was strategically located there. In the 18th century the dukes of Lorraine channelled the flow of the water into a series of garden follies at the Château de Lunéville.

Towns along the river[edit]