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Victor Gruschka Springer
Born (1928-06-02) June 2, 1928 (age 88)
Jacksonville, Florida
Fields Ichthyology
Alma mater University of Texas
Author abbrev. (zoology) Springer

Victor Gruschka Springer (born in Jacksonville, Florida on 2 June 1928) is Senior Scientist emeritus, Division of Fishes at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.[1] He is a specialist in the anatomy, classification, and distribution of fishes, with a special interest in tropical marine shorefishes. He has published numerous scientific studies on these subjects; also, a popular book called "Sharks in Question, the Smithsonian Answer Book" 1989.[2]


Springer gained his first degree, B.A. in Biology at Emory University in 1948. His M.S. in Botany at the University of Miami in 1954 was followed by his Ph.D in Zoology at the University of Texas in 1957.[3]

Research Interests[edit]

Springer's research interests include the classification, evolution, and biogeography of fishes, especially marine fishes and notably Blennioid fishes. He is also interested in late 19th and 20th Century scientific illustrators of fishes such as Charles Bradford Hudson[1][3]

Selected Publications[edit]

  • Springer, Victor G.; Gomon, Martin F. (1975). Revision of the Blenniid Fish Genus Omobranchus with Descriptions of Three New Species and Notes on Other Species of the Tribe Omobranchini. Smithsonian Institution Press. 


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