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Victoria Clayton, née Walker (born 1947) is a British author. She began writing at her parents' house in Cambridgeshire (after a couple of years living a bohemian lifestyle in London). When dining one night in London she sat next to Bill McCreadle of publisher Rupert Hart-Davis who agreed to look at her manuscript, and in 1969, when she was just 21, he decided to publish what became The Winter of Enchantment.[1] Its sequel, The House Called Hadlows, was published in 1972. The books concern a boy called Sebastian who enters another world through a magic mirror. He meets a girl called Melissa who has been imprisoned by an evil Enchanter and resolves to rescue her. In the second book Sebastian and Melissa release a house from a curse made by the Evil One.

After spending four years living in rural Wales and the Isle of Skye, Clayton went to the University of Cambridge to study English.[2] After graduation she married and spent many years living in the country and bringing up her children. In 1997, she returned to writing books: Out of Love was her first adult's book. Past Mischief (1998), Dance with me (1999), Running Wild (2000), Clouds Among the Stars (2003), Moonshine (2004) and A Girl's Guide to Kissing Frogs (2007) followed.

Both of Victoria's children's books - "The Winter of Enchantment" and "The House Called Hadlows" - have been reissued by Fidra Books.

She is married and has two children.



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