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Videy seen from Reykjavík with Esjan in the background

Viðey (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈvɪːðei]; sometimes anglicised as Videy) is the largest island of the Kollafjörður Bay in Iceland, near the capital of Reykjavík. The island has archaeological remains dating back to the early 10th century and was the site where the "father of Reykjavík" Skuli Magnusson constructed his home and a church in the 12th century. From 1225 to 1539 an Augustine Monastery was established on the island. The island's last inhabitants left in 1943. The island covers 1.7 square kilometres (0.7 square miles); its highest point is 32 metres (105 feet) above sea level. The island is divided by a narrow piece of land (isthmus) creating the West Island, East Island and the largest Home Island. The island has a rich bird life with about 30 species breeding here. the well vegetated island has areas of bog, grey basalt on the West Island and eastern shore and at least 156 species of plant.

Visitors can reach the island by ferry. In the summer ferries leave daily from Skarfabakki, Harpa, and Aegisgarour pier. In the winter, ferry service is from Skarfabakki on weekends only. The Reykjavík City Card includes free ferry transfer to and from the island.

On the Western Island is the Videyjarstofa House constructed in 1755 which now houses a restaurant. two hike trails start from behind the restaurant and in the summer there is horse rental and a riding school.

It is the location of the Imagine Peace Tower, which is a "Tower of Light" envisioned and built by Yoko Ono, widow of Beatle John Lennon. According to the Associated Press: "The tower is a beam of light, radiating from a wishing well bearing the words "imagine peace" in 24 languages. The plan is for it to be lit each year between his birthday, October 9, and his death December 8."

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Coordinates: 64°10′N 21°52′W / 64.167°N 21.867°W / 64.167; -21.867