Viper's Drag

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"Viper's Drag" is a stride piano composition by the jazz pianist, composer, and arranger Thomas "Fats" Waller.[1]


"Viper's Drag" was written as a dance tune for a ragtime dance called a slow drag, often shortened to "drag" by song writers of the day.[2]

The song has been performed by Waller and countless other jazz artists, including Cab Calloway, who recorded a big band swing version of the tune on November 12, 1930 as song 10246-1 on the DOMINO label, album 4686[3][4] and Judy Carmichael, who recorded it for her Grammy award-nominated Two-Handed Stride on the Progressive label in 1980.[5]

Appears on[edit]

"Viper's Rag" appears on the following recordings:[6]


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