Vivir Intentando

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Vivir Intentando
Directed by Tomás Yankelevich
Produced by Pablo Bossi
Juan Pablo Buscarini
Written by Carolina Hughes
Alejandro Sapognikoff
Tomás Yankelevich
Starring Ivonne Guzmán
Lourdes Cecilia Fernández
Valeria Gastaldi
Virginia Da Cunha
María Elizabeth Vera
Music by Fernando López Rossi
Diego Grimblat
Cinematography Miguel Abal
Edited by Juan Carlos Macías
Distributed by Buena Vista Patagonik Film Group RGB Entertainment
Release date
14 June 2003
Running time
95 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Vivir Intentando (English: Go for it) is an Argentine 2003 family, musical film starring the 5 members of girl group Bandana.

The film provides a fictional account of the band's formation, and was premiered on 14 June 2003 in Buenos Aires.



  • Ivonne Guzmán as Ivonne
  • Lourdes Cecilia Fernández as Lourdes
  • Valeria Gastaldi as Valeria
  • Virginia Da Cunha as Viri
  • María Elizabeth Vera as Lissa

Critical reception[edit]

The film met with mixed reviews.

One critic claimed it a success "thanks to the competent technical aspects, precise use of emotion that plays with the audience, but above all, the atmosphere which it creates in the cinema."[1]

Others were less complimentary, commenting "their acting talents are just passable.....the songs shine due to the absence thereof..... and the script comes straight from the 'teenager dreams of being a singer' handbook"[2] In spite of this, the movie grossed over ARS 1,500,000.[3]


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