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Vladimir Jurko Glaser (April 21, 1924 – January 22, 1984) was a Croatian theoretical physicist working on quantum field theory and the canonization of the analytic S-matrix.

Glaser was born in Gorizia, Italy. He graduated physics from the University of Zagreb in 1949 and later was attending seminar of Werner Heisenberg (1951-52) at Göttingen. Based on work carried out in Göttingen under Heisenberg he received a doctorate degree from the University of Zagreb. Being a part of Heisenberg's group at Göttingen he later worked with many famous physicists such as Harry Lehmann, Wolfhart Zimmermann (on extensions of LSZ formalism) and Walter Thirring.[1][2] From 1955 to 1957 he was head of the Department of Theoretical Physics at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb. In 1957 he found a permanent employment at the Department of Theoretical Physics of CERN, Geneva. He died in Geneva.[3][4]

In 1955, he published one of the first monographs on Quantum Electrodynamics, Kovarijantna kvantna elektrodinamika (in Croatian).[5] With French physicists Jacques Bros and Henri Epstein he worked on setting up analyticity properties required for the use of dispersion relations in high energy collisions.[3] Epstein, Glaser and Arthur Jaffe proved that (Wightman) quantum fields can necessarily have negative energy density values.[6] Together with Henri Epstein, he found a new approach to renormalization theory called causal perturbation theory, where ultraviolet divergences are avoided in the calculation of Feynman diagrams by using mathematically well-defined quantities only.[7]


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