Volüm Fyra (R.A.D.)

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Volüm Fyra (R.A.D.)
Studio album by Jerusalem
Released 1997
Recorded Jerusalem Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden
Genre Hard rock
Length 1:08:03
Label Fruit Records and MEP
Producer Ulf Christiansson
Jerusalem chronology
Volym 3 (Those Were the Days)
(1996)Volym 3 (Those Were the Days)1996
Volüm Fyra (R.A.D.)
Live – På ren svenska
(1998)Live – På ren svenska1998

Volüm Fyra is the eighth studio album, and the thirteenth album overall, by the Swedish hard rock band Jerusalem. The Swedish version was released by Fruit Records and MEP in 1997. The English version (renamed R.A.D.) was released in 1998 by Jerusalem Music in the United States and Alliance Music in the UK and Europe.


Between 1975 and 1983, Ulf Christiansson wrote many songs that Jerusalem never recorded but often played live. After a friend reminded him of these songs and asked why they had never been on an album, hristiansson decided to record them, but he wanted to use the band members who were in Jerusalem when the songs were actually written.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Ulf Christiansson, except for "Vänd om" by Brooker/Reid/Christiansson (original song "As Strong As Samson" by Brooker/Reid).

Swedish version[edit]

  1. "Lossa banden"
  2. "Ge mej ett svar"
  3. "Close"
  4. "Vad såg du då?"
  5. "Knäpp dina händer"
  6. "R.A.D."
  7. "Jantelagens Sverige"
  8. "USA, Kina & Sovjet"
  9. "Vänd om"
  10. "Ta fram din Bibel"
  11. "Surrender"
  12. "Bara hos dej"
  13. "Dags att bryta upp"
    hidden track

English version[edit]

  1. "Hey to You"
  2. "Tell Me the Story"
  3. "Close"
  4. "Did You Ever"
  5. "Take a Little Moment"
  6. "R.A.D."
  7. "Glorylevel"
  8. "Power and Glory"
  9. "Vänd Om" (Swedish)
  10. "Look in Your Bible"
  11. "Surrender"
  12. "Only with You"
  13. "Dags att bryta upp"
    hidden track