Voloka, Hlyboka Raion

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Voloka (Ukrainian: Волока; Romanian: Voloca pe Derelui or Voloca) is a commune (selsoviet) in Hlyboka Raion, Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine. It is composed of two villages, Grushivka (Грушівка; Grușăuți) and Voloka.

The current population of the village is 3,035[1] (3,028 at the time of the 2001 Ukrainian census)[2].

Most inhabitants are Romanians and they are almost exclusively engaged in the creation of bridal gowns, a business that has proved quite successful in the past decade, as the village has managed to make a name for itself in almost all of Ukraine and Russia as well as Romania. [3]

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Coordinates: 48°12′N 25°55′E / 48.200°N 25.917°E / 48.200; 25.917