Volumetric Haptic Display

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A Volumetric Haptic Display (VHD) is similar to a (visual) Volumetric Display, but informs touch instead of vision. A VHD projects a touch-based representation of a surface onto a 3D volumetric space. Users can feel the projected surface(s), usually with their hands. The display is otherwise not detectable, and offers no visual feedback. There are no known instances of a fully operational VHD at this time.

Technological Implementation[edit]

The University of Bristol has developed a method for haptic feedback that could be integrated into a volumetric display. The system uses focused ultrasound to create a haptic objet in mid air.[1]


The following feedback can be provided to the user:

  • Surface contact
  • Surface texture
  • Vibration
  • Motion-based/topological changes of surface

Previous Work[edit]