Volvo F10, F12, and F16

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1981 Volvo F12

Volvo F10, F12, and F16 are a series of trucks manufactured by Volvo Trucks between 1977 and 1993. The F10 and F12 were launched in 1977, with many innovative features for its time,[citation needed] most notably a safety cab with high level of ergonomics for the driver. The F16 was launched in 1987 and was more powerful. Volvo manufactured about 200,000 trucks in the series between 1977 and 1993.

The basic chassis components and also the driveline components of the trucks, when launched in 1977, were to a large extent based on the ones introduced in 1973 for the Volvo N-series trucks. The numbering on these models tells the engine displacement in litres. Various power outputs were offered, and the engines have gone through several modifications through the years. All engines are straight six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines of Volvo's own make.

The series got two major upgrades during its production. The first one in 1983, which included major changes to the cabin, (larger windscreen and heightened roof) a new chassis with decreased weight and parabolic springs, and the spacious "Globetrotter" cabin was offered as an option. The engines also got an upgrade, but the power output was unchanged.

The second upgrade came in 1987, with the arrival of the powerful F16 and some cosmetic changes. The F16 truck had a new six-cylinder, straight-in-line engine with four valves per cylinder and a high-placed camshaft. It was widely used for hauling large train weights, such as timber trucks in Scandinavia (a market hitherto dominated by Scania AB trucks powered by the Scania V8 engine) and road trains in Australia.

The F-series was replaced by the Volvo FH-series in 1994.


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