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Tiger Electronics' VuGo(also branded as TV Now[1] ) is a portable media player, capable of handling videos, music, and photos.

Picture of a VuGo. Now currently discontinued

The VuGo features 128 megabytes of built-in memory which Tiger claims can hold one hour of video, six hours of music, or 1200 photos. It can also take any standard 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, or 2GB SD Memory Card. With the VuGo software that you install onto your computer, the software takes the acceptable formats of Audio, Video, and Image files and converts them into VuGo files (Video: .TVV, Audio: .TVM, Image: .TVP) so you can transport them onto your VuGo for viewing later. VuGo requires an internet connection in order to move VuGo converted content from one computer to another. It also records from a number of devices using the supplied audio video or USB cables. Battery life of the VuGo is approximately three hours. Hasbro has discontinued this device.[2]

VuGo supported media formats[edit]




Note that "supported" means that these files are recognized by the VuGo client software installed on a user's PC. The client software then converts the "supported" files to a proprietary format for the VuGo device itself. Accordingly, one or more of these file types may need to be converted by the VuGo client software prior to being usable by the VuGo.

File sharing[edit]

  • The Vugo will not allow files created by or for one Vugo system to be played on another. To bypass this, just open the file in a text editor and look for the 10 digit ID number. It is located in bytes 109-118. Save this number to a text file and store the file on your SD card for later use. To modify someone else's file to play on your Vugo, just make a second copy of it, then open it in a text editor. Now replace their ID number with your own, making sure to leave everything else alone. Now just drop the file into your SD card and enjoy.

VuGo shows[edit]

  • With the VuGo, you can also download TV shows directly from the website, with prices either $0.99, $1.99, or $2.99 per episode. Here is a complete list of available shows (as of February 16, 2006).

Cartoon Network[edit]

No download after July 31, 2007


No download after July 31, 2007


  • The VuGo, along with being able to download data from the site, has a recording capability, enabling the user to record their favorite music and/or video onto the system. This is done by a specially-made cord. The user can, after recording, transfer the music or video onto their computer, and save it from being deleted.


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