French minesweeper Vulcain

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Vulcain in Cherbourg Naval Base, France

Vulcain (M611) is a minesweeper of the French Navy, of the BBPD type (French: bâtiment-base de plongeurs démineurs, "mothership for mine disposal swimmers"). She is based in Cherbourg Naval Base, in Cherbourg, France, and is run by the 1st GPD Groupement de Plongeurs démineurs, a group of French Army deminers. Since 16 May 1987, she has been symbolically linked with the town of Honfleur. The personnel on board usually comprises 12 divers, 1 medical officer and 1 nurse.

Other BBPDs of the Vulcain type are:

  • BBPD Styx - M614
  • BBPD Pluton - M622
  • BBPD Achéron - A613

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