Vv Hoogeveen

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VV Hoogeveen
Full name Voetbalvereniging Hoogeveen
Founded 1930-04-29
Ground Sportpark Bentinckspark, Hoogeveen
Ground Capacity 6,000
Chairman Netherlands Roel Zuidema (interim)
League Hoofdklasse

The vv Hoogeveen is a football club from the town of Hoogeveen (about 45.000 inhabitants) and plays in the fourth highest league of the Netherlands, the 2012-2013 in de Hoofdklasse van de KNVB. It was founded on April 29, 1930 and has about 650 members. It plays its home matches on the Bentickspark ground in the town of Hoogeveen. It host football for seniors, junior teams, futsal and women.[1]


After the founding of the ‘Hoofdklasse’ in 1973 vv Hoogeveen soon joined. In 1975 the club promoted to the highest amateur league. The biggest success of the club came in 1978, when the team became champion of the ‘Hoofdklasse B’ and next to that also became ‘Dutch amateur champion’ of the Sunday ‘Hoofdklasse’. In the following years vv Hoogeveen managed to play many years more in the ‘Hoofdklasse’, where especially the late 1980s where rather successful. Un until now vv Hoogeveen has played eighteen years of ‘Hoofdklasse’.


  • 1931: Promotion to 1e Klasse Noordelijke VB
  • 1935: Promotion to 3e Klasse KNVB
  • 1939: Relegation to 4e Klasse KNVB
  • 1943: Relegation to de Drentse Voetbalbond
  • 1949: Promotion to 4e Klasse KNVB
  • 1951: Promotion to 3e Klasse KNVB
  • 1954: Relegation to 4e Klasse KNVB
  • 1960: Promotion to 3e Klasse KNVB
  • 1966: Promotion to 2e Klasse KNVB
  • 1973: Promotion to 1e Klasse KNVB
  • 1974: Promotion to Hoofdklasse
  • 1978: Champions Hoofdklasse B
  • 1978: Dutch Champions Sunday Amateurs
  • 1982: Relegation 1e Klasse KNVB
  • 1984: Promotion Hoofdklasse
  • 1991: Relegation 1e Klasse KNVB
  • 1994: Relegation 2e Klasse KNVB
  • 1996: Promotion 1e Klasse KNVB
  • 1997: Promotion Hoofdklasse
  • 1998: Relegation 1e Klasse KNVB
Celebration of the 2008 win of the Northern Amateur Cup
  • 1999: Relegation 2e Klasse KNVB
  • 2000: Promotion 1e Klasse KNVB
  • 2001: Promotion Hoofdklasse
  • 2005: Relegation 1e Klasse KNVB
  • 2010: Promotion Hoofdklasse


  • 1978: Champions Hoofdklasse B (Sunday)
  • 1978: Dutch Champions Sunday Amateurs
  • 1980: Noordelijke Districtsbeker (Northern amateur Cup)
  • 2008: Noordelijke Districtsbeker (Northern amateur Cup)



vv Hoogeveen plays in a small stadium close to the town centre. The stadium has a capacity of about 6.000 spectators, of which 500 can sit and another 500 can stand underneath roofs. The accommodation furthermore encompasses two other fields and two youth pitches where other teams can play their matches.


A home match in 2007
  • Seizoen 2002–2003: 528 (hoofdklasse)
  • Seizoen 2003–2004: 554 (hoofdklasse)
  • Seizoen 2004–2005: 458 (hoofdklasse)
  • Seizoen 2005–2006: 475 (1e klasse)
  • Seizoen 2006–2007: 400 (1e klasse)
  • Seizoen 2007–2008: 535 (1e klasse)
  • Seizoen 2008–2009: 480 (1e klasse)
  • Seizoen 2009–2010: 455 (1e klasse)
  • Seizoen 2010–2011: 473 (Hoofdklasse)
  • Seizoen 2011–2012: 380 (Hoofdklasse)
  • Seizoen 2012–2013: 355 (Hoofdklasse)




The Businessclub Hoogeveen was founded in 1993 to give more support to the football club, both at a recreational and competetve level. Also, it provides the opportunity for local and regional business to meet and liaise. It has over 130 members and is one of the biggest and most active businessclubs in the North of the Netherlands.[3]


The fans have united themselves in the 'Supportersvereniging vv Hoogeveen', which was founded in 1949. It is both the oldest and with over 400 members the biggest in the province of Drenthe. Apart from their support to the vv Hoogeveen, it hosts a number of activities for its fans and helps in the organisation of events.

The club[edit]

As of the season 2013/2014, the vv Hoogeveen has the following teams:

  • Senior Men: 8
  • Junior: 21


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