William Parks (paleontologist)

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William Arthur Parks
Born (1868-12-11)December 11, 1868
Died October 3, 1936(1936-10-03) (aged 67)
Institutions University of Toronto
Alma mater University of Toronto
Notable awards Foreign Member of the Royal Society[1]

William Arthur Parks (11 December 1868 – 3 October 1936) was a Canadian geologist and paleontologist, following in the tradition of Lawrence Lambe.

Parks was born in Hamilton, Ontario. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1892, Parks joined the University of Toronto's staff, where he taught geology, paleontology, and mineralogy. He went on to earn a PhD in 1900. Parks died in Toronto, Ontario, in 1936.

Named taxa[edit]


Parksosaurus was named in his honor.


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