Waitakere Reservoir

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Waitakere Reservoir
Waitakere Dam from above
Location Waitakere, North Island
Coordinates 36°54′08″S 174°31′31″E / 36.9023°S 174.5254°E / -36.9023; 174.5254Coordinates: 36°54′08″S 174°31′31″E / 36.9023°S 174.5254°E / -36.9023; 174.5254
Type Reservoir
Basin countries New Zealand
Waitakere Dam from below

Waitakere Reservoir is a reservoir on the Waitakere River in the Waitakere Ranges, west of Auckland in New Zealand. Waitakere Dam was completed in 1910. It has a lake area of 25.1 hectares and a capacity of 1.76 million cubic metres.[1]

The dam is accessible from the Montana Heritage Trail, a bush hike in the region.[citation needed]


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