Waltzin' with Flo

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Waltzin' With Flo
Waltzin' With Flo.jpg
Studio album by Alan Dawson
Released 2002
Recorded 1992
Genre jazz

Waltzin' With Flo is the only solo album by jazz drummer Alan Dawson. Although it was recorded in 1992, it wasn't released until 2002. Ken Dryden of Rovi says (in a review), "Not only is Dawson's matchless drumming a key component of this CD, he records several of his compositions and arrangements, and he also plays vibes on two tracks".[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Penta Blues
  2. Airegin
  3. Two Stepped
  4. Waltz for Flow
  5. 1993 A. D.
  6. Little Man You've Had a Busy Day
  7. Havana Days
  8. Old Devil Moon
  9. Joshua