Wang Pu (Later Zhou and Song chancellor)

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Not to be confused with Wang Pu (王朴) (died 959), also an important minister for the Later Zhou.
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wang.
Wang Pu
1st chancellor of the Song Dynasty
In office
5 March 960 – 26 February 964
Serving with Fan Zhi and Wei Renpu
Succeeded by Zhao Pu
chancellor of Later Zhou
In office
27 July 951[1] – 3 February 960
Personal details
Born 922 or January 912[2]
likely Bingzhou, Jin[3] (in today's Taigu County, Shanxi)
Died September or October 982[4] (aged 59–60[3])
Kaifeng, Henan, China
  • Wang Yisun (王貽孫), son
  • Wang Yizheng (王貽正), son
  • Wang Yiqing (王貽慶), son
  • Wang Yiju (王貽矩), son
Full name Surname: Wáng ()
Given name: Pǔ ()
Courtesy name: Qíwù ()
Father Wang Zuo (王祚)

Wang Pu (王溥) (922–982) was a chancellor of imperial China's Later Zhou and Song Dynasty.

He also wrote the important historiographical books Tang Huiyao and Wudai Huiyao after his retirement.

Notes and references[edit]

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