Wangi Wangi white-eye

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The Wangi Wangi white-eye (Zosterops sp. nov.) is a recently discovered endangered bird of the white-eye family. It was discovered in 2003 near the village of Wanci on Wangiwangi Island;[1] its only known home has given the bird its provisional common name. The island is part of the Tukangbesi Islands to the south-east of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

The bird is similar to the Sulawesi white-eye (Zosterops consobrinorum, also known as the pale-bellied white-eye) and may be a subspecies of it. However it has a number of differences including larger size, a black body, a long yellow beak, a gray breast and pale feet. Like most white-eyes it has a white ring around the eye and green upperparts.


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