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20140926 061 CTA Blue Line L @ Washington.jpg
Location 19 North Dearborn Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Coordinates 41°52′59″N 87°37′46″W / 41.883164°N 87.62944°W / 41.883164; -87.62944
Owned by City of Chicago
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Connections (via The Pedway)
Structure type Subway
Depth 45 ft
Opened February 25, 1951
Rebuilt 1982 (Randolph-Washington), 1983–84 (Washington-Madison)
Passengers (2015) 3,633,658[1]Increase 5.9% (CTA)
Rank 10 out of 143[a]
Preceding station   Chicago "L"   Following station
toward O'Hare
Blue Line
toward Forest Park
toward Howard
Red Line
Transfer at: Lake
Route map
Dearborn St.
Blue Line
north to O'Hare
Randolph St.
Washington St.
Calhoun Pl
Madison St.
Blue Line
south to Forest Park

Washington (also Washington/Dearborn) is a rapid transit station on the Chicago Transit Authority's 'L' system. It is situated between the Clark/Lake and Jackson stations on the Milwaukee-Dearborn subway segment of the Blue Line in downtown Chicago near the Richard J. Daley Center.


Washington opened on February 25, 1951, as part of the new Milwaukee-Dearborn subway, the second of a planned series of subways to be constructed in Chicago. The station was entirely renovated from 1982 to 1984. As constructed, the station had two stairways to a lower level pedestrian transfer tunnel to the Washington station in the State Street Subway (now part of the Red Line). At 12:00 a.m. on October 23, 2006, the lower level transfer tunnel to the Red Line was closed as part of the construction of a planned superstation under what is commonly referred to as Block 37. On November 20, 2009, the pedway linking the Lake station's unpaid area to that of Washington reopened [2] and in May 2013, the CTA provided a farecard transfer through the pedway between the stations.[3]


Washington is part of the CTA's Blue Line, which runs from O'Hare International Airport to downtown Chicago and Forest Park. It is the second station in the Loop from O'Hare and the fourth from Forest Park. The station is situated between the Clark/Lake and Monroe stations. Blue Line trains serve Washington 24 hours a day every day; trains operate roughly every 7 to 10 minutes during rush hour and midday operation, with longer headways of up to 30 minutes at night.[4] 2,335,025 passengers boarded at Washington in 2010.[5] Two mezzanines exist at this station: Randolph-Washington, open 24 hours a day, providing a farecard transfer to the Red Line, and access to Daley Plaza. The second mezzanine is Washington-Madison, which is also open 24 hours a day.

Bus connections[edit]


  • 20 Madison
  • 22 Clark
  • 24 Wentworth
  • 36 Broadway
  • 56 Milwaukee
  • 62 Archer
  • 124 Navy Pier
  • 157 Streeterville/Taylor

Notes and references[edit]


  1. ^ Due to possible double-counting of physically-connected stations, the CTA's official 2015 tally of stations was 146, but for ridership purposes reported having only 143 stations.


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