Washington State Supreme Court election, 2006

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The Washington State Supreme Court justices are elected at large by the voters of the state of Washington. The primary election was held on September 19. [1]

2006 races[edit]

In 2006, the following candidates were on the ballot. Campaign office information comes from public candidate filings obtained from the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission or from the candidate's website, as noted. Names of candidates are given in the order in which they appeared on the ballot. [2]

Supreme Court Position 2[edit]

Candidate Party Primary Vote Primary Vote % General Vote General Vote %
Susan Owens Nonpartisan 460,923 46.06% 1,058,020 59.84%
Stephen Johnson Nonpartisan 347,732 34.75% 710,144 40.16%
Michael Johnson Nonpartisan 83,308 8.33%
Richard Smith Nonpartisan 54,790 5.48%
Norman J. Ericson Nonpartisan 53,867 5.38%
Vote Totals 1,000,620 1,768,164

Supreme Court Position 8[edit]

Having received a majority of the vote in the primary, Gerry Alexander wins the election under state law.

Supreme Court Position 9[edit]

Having received a majority of the vote in the primary, Tom Chambers wins the election under state law.


Judicial elections in Washington State are non-partisan by law. However, organizations seek to influence them.

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