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Hydrated water gel, or water beads

Water crystal gel or water beads or gel beads is any gel which absorbs and contains a large amount of water. Water gel is usually in spherical form and composed of a water-absorbing superabsorbent polymer (SAP, also known as slush powder in dry form) such as a polyacrylamide (frequently sodium polyacrylate).


Water gels are used for:

  • Supplying water to small animals as an alternative to supplying water in a dish. Some small animals tend to fall into dishes of water and drown.[citation needed]
  • Watering or potting plants.[1]
  • In vases of cut flowers
  • Use in gardens to save water.
  • Used as ammunition for gel blaster toy guns. Usually came in 7–8 mm when full size.
  • Colorful decorations or artificial snow.[2]
  • In a dry state as absorbent filler inside disposable diapers and sanitary napkins.
  • Proposed for controlling or containing floods.[3]

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