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Wedding Management Software or Wedding Planning Software is a term covering software related to wedding planning, management and organization. Most such software include modules for estimation and planning, scheduling, book keeping management, task allocation, wedding website, guest management, invites including RSVPs, vendor management, task reminders via emails and SMS, image and video galleries, directions to venues, and multiple template options.[1]

Many[who?] describe wedding management as an offshoot of Project management, which is why many wedding management software look and feel similar to Project management software or ERP systems.

The majority of such software solutions are web based versus desktop or client solutions. They are all ready to use and cumbersome[citation needed] so selecting a user friendly system via a credible provider is crucial.

Some companies offer such software in two versions – one for individuals and families who are planning a personal wedding or event or wedding planners who may be organizing large and multiple weddings.

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