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Weeds (season 6)
Weeds S6 DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Original network Showtime
Original release August 16 (2010-08-16) – November 15, 2010 (2010-11-15)
Season chronology
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Season 5
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List of Weeds episodes

The sixth season of Weeds premiered on August 16, 2010, on the television cable network Showtime, and consisted of 13 episodes.


After Shane kills Pilar, the Botwin family flees north. Andy joins them after Audra breaks off their relationship. Unable to enter Canada without the baby's birth certificate, Nancy, Andy, Silas, Shane, and Stevie assume new identities as "The Newmans" (as Nathalie, Randy, Mike, Shawn, and Avi, respectively) and settle in Seattle, Washington. Silas and Shane remain the same age this season while Stevie is three months old.

Nancy, Andy, and Silas take menial jobs as scab labor at a local hotel, where Nancy discovers the resident drug dealer is also on strike. Sensing an opportunity, Nancy seeks out a local distributor (Linda Hamilton) and, lacking enough money to buy much marijuana, instead buys the seller's trimmings and produces hashish using the hotel's laundry equipment. While the rest of the family works, Shane babysits Stevie. Back in southern California, Esteban tasks Cesar and Ignacio with finding Nancy and bringing back his son. While looking for clues at the Ren Mar house, they encounter Doug and coerce him into helping find the Botwins.

As Nancy and Andy leave the weed dealer's house, they are confronted by two police officers and questioned about unpaid parking tickets linked to the (stolen) license plates on Andy's minivan. The family flees again. Cesar and Ignacio receive a phone call from Dodge about the location of the van (which blew a tire when Andy tried to remove a police boot with a blowtorch). Cesar, Ignacio, and Doug travel to Seattle and search for clues in the van. Nancy convinces Silas to steal his girlfriend's car. She spots Doug tied up in the back of Cesar's car at the motel, while Cesar argues with the manager. Nancy panics and attempts to gather the family, a series of events transpires, culminating with Shane calling his mother to tell her he has been kidnapped by Cesar and Ignacio.

Cesar negotiates a trade with Nancy: Shane for Stevie. Despite agreeing, Nancy meets Cesar with Gayle's crossbow hidden in a bassinet, then shoots Cesar in the leg. She receives a phone call from Ignacio, who unintentionally tells her about his run in with her three sons, Andy, and Doug at the local diner. When Nancy arrives there, she joins the group at the table and attempts to negotiate with Ignacio by holding a gun under the table. Ignacio calls her bluff – Shane then takes the gun. Ignacio reluctantly folds to Shane. Now the Botwin family and Doug continue what Andy refers to as off-the-grid living. During their flight, they stop at a carnival, despite Andy's disapproval. They end up winning an RV, but are unable to claim it without proper identification. Liking the idea of RV travel, they purchase an older used RV and travel to an out-of-the-way trailer park. Andy and Doug pose as a preacher and assistant, taking appropriate donations. A frustrated Nancy goes to a bar and has sex with the bartender. The next day she finds out the bartender has a wife who is also her neighbor and they are subsequently chased out of town.

As the Botwins continue their nomadic lifestyle on the lam in their RV, they stop in Colorado. They continue to bargain for the trimmings of other dealers' weed. In Aspen, Colorado, Nancy and Andy drop off Silas and Shane to sell hash at a concert. When Stevie's feces are an abnormal color, Nancy decides he needs a pediatrician. Shane discovers Silas wants to apply for college, and Silas in turn learns Shane doesn't have any of his own back up plans. At the pediatrician's office, Nancy sees herself on TV listed as a missing person. The doctor says Stevie is fine, but suggests the baby may not be bonding with her, and that the baby's lifestyle could be a factor, making her rethink their way of life. Andy suggests moving to Denmark. Nancy agrees.

The group travels to Nancy's hometown, Dearborn, Michigan, where they stay with Nancy's former high school teacher Mr. Schiff (Richard Dreyfuss), with whom she had a sexual relationship from the age of 14. Silas discovers that Judah is not his biological father; in fact, his father is Nancy's former boyfriend Lars. The Botwins are found by an investigative journalist named Vaughn, who is writing an article about Nancy. She gives him the information he needs to write the story in exchange for cash to buy passports. Doug returns to Agrestic, retitled Regrestic after the fire, where he tries to win back his wife. Mr. Schiff steals money from a post office for plane tickets to Copenhagen for the family, himself included. Silas says goodbye to Nancy, intending to stay behind with Lars. Nancy goes to meet Vaughn a final time before leaving, only to find his room has been ransacked, and Esteban and Guillermo are waiting for her.

Esteban and Guillermo take Nancy to the airport to find Stevie. Nancy manages to contact Andy, telling him to use "Plan C". Esteban threatens Silas and takes Stevie; Nancy agrees to leave the airport with them, and they tell her they are going to kill her. Andy, Silas, Shane and Mr. Schiff board the plane to Copenhagen (via Paris), but Mr. Schiff is arrested for robbing the post office. As Nancy leaves the airport, the FBI confront her outside. As part of "Plan C", she confesses to the murder of Pilar, simultaneously saving her own life, ensuring the safety of her family, and covering for Shane.


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No. in
Title Directed by Written by Theme song
Original air date U.S. viewers
64 1 "Thwack" Scott Ellis Jenji Kohan Frozen OJ container with money August 16, 2010 (2010-08-16) 1.26[1]
After Shane murders Pilar, Nancy must think fast to protect her family. After collecting what she can from Esteban's house, the Botwins go to Ren Mar to swap her hybrid car for Andy's van. When Nancy arrives, she discovers that Gayle, the psychotic anti-abortionist, is holding Audra hostage. Nancy executes a plan that subdues Gayle, but Audra breaks up with Andy for fleeing when Gayle arrived, leaving her at his mercy. Silas is disturbed by his younger brother's lack of remorse for killing Pilar. The Botwins hit the road. Cesar sees the video footage of Shane murdering Pilar and decides to cover it up.
65 2 "Felling and Swamping" Scott Ellis Victoria Morrow Convenience store snacks August 23, 2010 (2010-08-23) 1.04[2]
Nancy decides to hide her family from Esteban by moving to Canada. En route, she chastizes Shane for murdering Pilar. "That was my mess to clean up; not yours." After being turned away at the Canadian border check for not having a birth certificate for Stevie, Nancy learns that the FBI have been brought in to investigate Pilar's murder. Ultimately, the Botwins find themselves in a motel in Seattle where they forge new identities for themselves. The Botwins become the Newmans. Nancy is Nathalie, Shane is Sean, Silas is Mike, and Andy is Randy. The baby will go by his Hebrew name Avi. Nancy pledges to make their new life as normal as possible. Meanwhile, Esteban must deal with the authorities while trying to track down his missing wife and son.
66 3 "A Yippity Sippity" Tate Donovan Brendan Kelly Hotel card-key August 30, 2010 (2010-08-30) 1.02[3]
Nancy, Andy and Silas become scab workers at a Seattle hotel while the regular staff is on strike. As a maid, Nancy must clean up an unappealing mess. Andy is assigned dishwasher duty and has problems with the head chef. Silas is assigned bellhop duty and is given an unusual proposition from a wealthy patron. While on the job, Nancy jumps at an opportunity to gain extra income by selling hash. While Shane babysits Stevie, he steals a luxury babystroller. Back in Ren Mar, Cesar and Ignacio confront Doug with a gun when he enters the Botwin's house looking for them.
67 4 "Bliss" Eric Jewett Stephen Falk Body charms September 13, 2010 (2010-09-13) 0.96[4]
The Newmans begin to settle into their new life. Nancy makes a deal with the hotel concierge to supply hash to guests. Shane makes nice with a group of mothers at the park; to gain sympathy he claims he is Stevie's father and that Stevie's mother was a servicemember who was killed by an IED blast in Iraq. Silas becomes interested in college and college girls in particular. After being interrogated by Cesar and Ignacio, Doug unwittingly leads them to a homeless man who found Andy's old cell phone. Ignacio accidentally kills the homeless man, and Doug must help Cesar dispose of the body. Andy is promoted to sous-chef, and he reluctantly supplies Nancy with used cooking oil, who uses it to barter for weed with a hippie grandmother and her daughter. On their way back from the trade, Nancy and Andy are confronted by cops.
68 5 "Boomerang" Scott Ellis Stephen Falk Initials carved in tree September 20, 2010 (2010-09-20) 0.83[5]
After her van has been booted by the cops and fearing the authorities will eventually track them down due to Andy registering the van in Silas' name, Nancy decides to leave Seattle behind. Andy confronts her about the feelings that exist between the two of them, and she "releases" him from the hope of anything romantic ever happening between them. Silas is devastated about having to leave a normal life behind so soon after settling down. One of the mothers in the mommy group tells Shane she contacted a buddy in DOD and found out his story of Stevie's mother was a lie. After Shane fails to convince the group that the military's denial of her death was a coverup, he threatens the women in an attempt to prevent them from calling Child Protective Services. The mommy group calls in CPS anyway to take Stevie. Cesar and Ignacio, with Doug in tow, manage to track the Botwins to their motel and take Shane hostage. Latrice, Nancy's rival at the hotel, and her boyfriend, Quentin, discover her scheme and decide to get even for being left out.
69 6 "A Shoe for a Shoe" Michael Trim David Holstein Restaurant place mats September 27, 2010 (2010-09-27) 0.99[6]
Nancy manages to dodge the situation with Latrice and convince CPS not to take Stevie away. Cesar suggests a trade off: Stevie for Shane. Ignacio takes Shane and Doug to wait in a diner where Andy, Silas and Stevie have coincidentally wait for Nancy. Ignacio discovers the three Botwin men and take them hostage. Nancy shoots Cesar in the leg with a crossbow and takes his gun. Nancy goes to the diner, where she winds up in a Mexican standoff with Ignacio while negotiating the freedom of her family. Ignacio is sure she won't shoot him, until Shane takes the gun from her. Ignacio, acquainted with Shane's dark side, lets them go. The Botwins, reunited with Doug, find themselves on the run once again in Cesar's car.
70 7 "Pinwheels and Whirligigs" Mike Uppendahl Carly Mensch Packets of butter October 4, 2010 (2010-10-04) 0.68[7]
Agent Lipshits interviews Cesar, who is in the hospital. The Botwins and Doug (now Ted Newman) have made it to Montana. Over Andy's objections Nancy decides to take a break from running and treat the family to an afternoon at a local carnival. Andy and Silas enter themselves in a butter sculpture eating contest to win a luxury class RV. Andy admires Silas's venture to a college campus and his skill at formulating quality joints. "You are like the son that I never had." Nancy and Shane discuss Pilar's murder. "I'm your mother. It's my job to make sure you don't become a psychopath." She tries to lay down boundaries. Simultaneously, Shane makes Nancy see the similarities between them. Doug babysits Stevie. Silas wins the contest, but is unable to claim the prize because the sponsors of the contest require a Social Security number and want to put Shane's picture into the local paper.
71 8 "Gentle Puppies" Scott Ellis Victoria Morrow Pioneer City welcome sign October 11, 2010 (2010-10-11) 0.93[8]
After buying an RV that was once owned by a pastor/sexual offender, the Botwins settle in Pioneer City, a small off the grid town. Nancy's growing frustration about their new lifestyle leads her to an out of the way bar, where she gets drunk and has rough sex with the owner Jack. Andy and Doug soon make a reputation in the town when they pass themselves off as pastors, and Shane sets them up with a series of appointments to make money. The next day, Jack's wife shows up and tries to attack Nancy, who was unaware Jack was married. Andy and Doug are exposed as frauds. The townspeople drive the Botwins out of town and they are on the road once again.
72 9 "To Moscow, and Quickly" Michael Trim David Holstein & Carly Mensch Child's crayon drawing October 18, 2010 (2010-10-18) 0.85[9]
Traveling through Colorado, Nancy notices that Stevie's stool has turned green and insists on taking him to see a pediatrician. While peddling hash to parents at a children's concert, Silas tries to teach Shane a lesson about responsibility by making Shane think he had lost the hash money. Doug bonds with some of the concert performers. The doctor's diagnosis for Stevie's condition is not serious, but it begins to make Nancy fear the effect their lifestyle may be having on Stevie, prompting her to make a radical decision: pull off one giant hash sale and move the family to Copenhagen.
73 10 "Dearborn-Again" Scott Ellis Roberto Benabib & Matthew Salsberg Sky Mall catalogue October 25, 2010 (2010-10-25) 0.80[10]
Nancy returns to her hometown of Dearborn, Michigan and calls upon her old high school teacher Warren Schiff (with whom she also had an affair) to help hide her family while they secure fake passports. Warren feeds Silas' curiosity about his teen-aged mother. After meeting Lars, Nancy's high school boyfriend, Silas starts to doubt that Judah was his real father. Shane swipes Lars's hair brush to order a DNA test. Andy tries and fails to acquire passports; however, he manages to trade the RV with a family who was living out of their car. While visiting her parents' graves, Nancy meets Ellis, who claims he went to high school a few years behind her. To help move the hash, Andy mixes it with alcohol, Red Bull and Ritalin to create a new drug. He tests it on Doug with great success. Quoting Nancy: "I think you re-invented the Quaalude." Ellis is revealed to have been tracking the Botwins, and makes a phone call to an unknown person to say that he has found them.
74 11 "Viking Pride" Michael Trim Brendan Kelly & Tara Herrmann Passport stamp November 1, 2010 (2010-11-01) 0.99[11]
Hooman Jaka refers Nancy to Daoud Mahmud to buy fake passports. She sends Andy to make the deal with Mr. Mahmud who in turn, asks Andy to kill Hooman as payment in order to prevent him from marrying his daughter. Silas bonds with Lars, his suspected biological father. Nancy searches through old yearbooks and discovers "Ellis Tate" is deceiving her. She confronts him, and he reveals himself to be Vaughn Coleman, an investigative journalist who plans to write a story about her life. He offers to help expose "the bad guys" before they find her first, and Nancy agrees to go on record about her life for a fee. Andy tells Hooman about Mahmud's offer, and the two decide to help each other.
75 12 "Fran Tarkenton" David Warren Stephen Falk Cadaver toe-tag November 8, 2010 (2010-11-08) 0.86[12]
Doug returns to Agrestic for his passport, and discovers that his ex-wife Dana has remarried and his children have forgotten him. Andy fakes Hooman's death to trick Mahmud into supplying the passports, but the ruse is unsuccessful. Andy must barter with Mahmud's wife for the passports. A paternity test proves that Lars is Silas's real father, and he decides to stay behind instead of going to Copenhagen. Nancy is interviewed by Vaughn about her life, in return for the money needed to get the family out of the country. She returns the next morning to discover his hotel room has been ransacked. She is ambushed and knocked out by Guillermo and Esteban who have somehow tracked her down. Eponymous episode name derived from Fran Tarkenton, an NFL football player whose rookie card Judah Botwin owned.
76 13 "Theoretical Love Is Not Dead" Scott Ellis Jenji Kohan Gate at airport November 15, 2010 (2010-11-15) 0.99[13]
Nancy wakes up in the trunk of a car and sees Vaughn's dead body next to her. Esteban and Guillermo take Nancy to the airport, where they plan to find Stevie. While in the airport bathroom, Nancy makes contact with Andy, telling him they are going to use "Plan C." Esteban attempts to buy tickets to get into the terminal and after security is flagged, Nancy takes advantage to get away from the men. Silas shows up at the airport and is taken hostage by Esteban. After Esteban threatens Silas and takes Stevie, Nancy agrees to leave the airport with them, and they tell her that they intend to kill her. Andy, Silas, Shane and Mr. Schiff board the plane to Copenhagen (via Paris), but Mr. Schiff is arrested for robbing a post office (where he got the money to pay for the tickets). As Nancy is being escorted out of the airport by Esteban and Guillermo, the FBI are waiting for them outside. As part of "Plan C", she had Andy call the police to arrest her so she could take credit for the murder of Pilar, thus saving her own life and ensuring the safety of her family.


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