Weida (river)

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The Weida in Lawitz
Country Germany
Basin features
Main source near Pausa
500 m (1,600 ft)
River mouth White Elster
50°47′44″N 12°5′21″E / 50.79556°N 12.08917°E / 50.79556; 12.08917Coordinates: 50°47′44″N 12°5′21″E / 50.79556°N 12.08917°E / 50.79556; 12.08917
Physical characteristics
Length 57 km (35 mi)

The Weida is a non-navigable river in eastern Thuringia, Germany, left tributary of the White Elster. Most of its course is situated in the district of Greiz.

The Weida's source is near Pausa in Saxony; it then flows through the Thüringer Schiefergebirge passing Zeulenroda-Triebes and through the eponymous Weida. It then feeds into the White Elster near Wünschendorf. Its tributaries include the Auma and the Leuba.