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Verlaufskarte Werra.png
Course of the Werra
Country  Germany
States Thuringia, Hesse, and Lower Saxony
Basin features
Main source on the Eselsberg and Bleßberg
797 m above sea level (NN)
50°29′59″N 10°57′53″E / 50.4997°N 10.96478°E / 50.4997; 10.96478Coordinates: 50°29′59″N 10°57′53″E / 50.4997°N 10.96478°E / 50.4997; 10.96478
River mouth confluence with the Fulda
in Hann. Münden to form the Weser
116.5 m above sea level (NN)
51°25′16″N 9°38′57″E / 51.42097496°N 9.6491679°E / 51.42097496; 9.6491679
Progression Weser → North Sea
River system Weser
Basin size 5,496 km2 (2,122 sq mi)
Bridges Werrabrücke Vacha,
Werrabrücke Creuzburg, Werratalbrücke Hörschel
Physical characteristics
Length 299.6 km (186.2 mi) [1]
  • Location:
    am Pegel Meiningen[2]
  • Average rate:
    14.0 m3/s (490 cu ft/s)
(location 2)
  • Location:
    Vacha [2]
  • Average rate:
    23.6 m3/s (830 cu ft/s)
(location 3)
  • Location:
    Gerstungen [2]
  • Average rate:
    30.9 m3/s (1,090 cu ft/s)
(location 4)
  • Location:
    Frankenroda [2]
  • Average rate:
    40.6 m3/s (1,430 cu ft/s)
(location 5)
  • Location:
  • Average rate:
    46.5 m3/s (1,640 cu ft/s)
    • Location:
      Letzter Heller, bei Hann. Münden[2]
    • Average rate: 51.2 m3/s (1,810 cu ft/s)
Navigable 89 km (55 mi); motor boats in places, but not throughout

The Werra (German pronunciation: [ˈvɛʁa]), a river in central Germany, forms the right-source of the Weser. The Werra has its source near Eisfeld in southern Thuringia. After 293 kilometres (182 mi) the Werra joins the river Fulda in the town of Hann. Münden, forming the Weser.

The Werra Valley (German: Werratal) forms a natural border between the Rhön Mountains and the Thuringian Forest. Local attractions include Eiben Forest near Dermbach, the fairytale sandstone cave at Walldorf, the deepest lake in Germany formed by land subsidence (near Bernshausen), and the "Krayenburg", the ruins of a castle.

The following towns or municipalities lie along the Werra: Hildburghausen, Meiningen, Bad Salzungen, Tiefenort, Merkers-Kieselbach, Heringen, Philippsthal, Gerstungen, Wanfried, Eschwege, Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Witzenhausen and Hann. Münden.


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  1. ^ Messung über Geopfad (kmz, 66 kB). Die Werte von 292,1 km (ohne Quellbäche) bzw. 298,7 km (über Quelle am Eselsberg) wurden um 0,9 km nach oben korrigiert, da laut hessischer Stationierung die Ulstermündung an km 161,6 liegt, im Geopfad jedoch an 160,7.
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