Bank Panic

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This article is about the video game. For financial crises involving banks, see Bank run.
Bank Panic
Bank Panic Cover.jpg
Cover art of Bank Panic
Developer(s) Sanritsu
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Arcade Game, SG-1000, MSX (ported by Pony Canyon), Sega Master System, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum as West Bank, 1991 Atari XL/XE in Poland as Bang Bank! by Mirage and Our Soft
Release 1984 (Arcade)
1985 (ZX Spectrum, SG-1000)
1986 (MSX, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC)
1987 (Sega Master System)
Genre(s) Retro/shooter, Western
Mode(s) Single-player, up to 2 players, alternating turns
Cabinet Standard upright, horizontal
Sound SN76489
Display Raster, 224 x 224 pixels, 32 colors

Bank Panic is an arcade game developed by Sanritsu and manufactured by Sega in 1984. Bally/Midway manufactured the game in America. When ported to the home market, most versions were called West Bank.

Game description[edit]

Screenshot of Bank Panic. The cowboy in door 4 is making a deposit, while the masked cowboy in door 6 is about to draw and attempt to rob the bank. Door 5 is closed.

The player assumes the part of an Old West sheriff who must protect a bank and its customers from masked robbers. The layout of the bank is implicitly a circle with twelve numbered doors and the player in the center. The player can rotate to the left or right and view three doors at a time. The doors will open to reveal a customer (who will drop a bag of money, making a deposit), a robber (who will attempt to shoot the player) or a young boy (who will be holding a stack of three to five hats, which the player can rapidly shoot for a bag of money or bonus time). The level ends when all twelve doors have received one or more deposits. This is indicated by the numbered boxes across the top of the screen, with a red dollar sign showing a door with a completed deposit.[citation needed]

At random intervals, a bomb will be placed on one of the doors and a rapid timer will count down from 99. The player must move to that door and destroy the bomb with gunfire. Shooting a customer, being shot by a robber, failing to destroy a bomb, or failing to complete the level before the overall timer runs out (shown by a bar at the bottom of the screen) costs the player one life.[citation needed]

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