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The Western Australian Naturalists' Club (WANC), founded in Perth, Western Australia, in 1924, is one of the oldest conservation groups in Australia. It caters for those interested in all areas of natural history and conservation in Western Australia through a full program of excursions, meetings, workshops and social events.


The inaugural meeting of the club was held on 3 July 1924 under the direction of three scientists, botanist W.M. Carne, entomologist J. Clark and ornithologist Dominic Serventy. From early in its existence it held annual exhibitions in the Perth Town Hall [1][2][3][4] It adopted a constitution in 1936, revised when the club became incorporated in 1979. Its journal, The Western Australian Naturalist, was first published in 1947. Most regular meetings were held at the Western Australian Museum until 1962 when the club obtained its own premises in Nedlands, a hall which was replaced 1n 1997 by a library and office in Northbridge, with monthly meetings held at the University of Western Australia. The club also owns a field station at Yunderup, 100 km south of Perth.


Members receive a refereed scientific journal, The Western Australian Naturalist, twice a year, as well as monthly newsletters. The club has also published a series of natural history handbooks.


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