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Sneltram Westwijk Amstelveen S1s2.jpg
LocationWestwijk, Amstelveen
Coordinates52°16′28″N 4°49′50″E / 52.27444°N 4.83056°E / 52.27444; 4.83056Coordinates: 52°16′28″N 4°49′50″E / 52.27444°N 4.83056°E / 52.27444; 4.83056
Owned byGVB
Other information
Fare zone5724 (Amstelveen)
OpenedSeptember 2004
Preceding station   Amsterdam Metro   Following station
Line 51Terminus
Westwijk is located in metro van Amsterdam
Location within metro van Amsterdam

Westwijk was an Amsterdam Metro station in the neighborhood of Westwijk in the city of Amstelveen, Netherlands. It was the southern terminus station for hybrid subway/light rail line Route 51, which was closed during 2019-2020 for the reconstruction of the line as a tram line and a subsequent extension of the line to Uithoorn.[1]

The station opened in September 2004 and was served by Route 51 which at that time ran between Amsterdam Centraal Station and Amstelveen Westwijk). After closure, route 51 was rerouted to terminate at Isolatorweg instead of Westwijk.

The portion of metro line 51 south of Amsterdam Zuid station will be replaced by tram line 25 which is currently under construction and is expected to be completed to Westwijk in early 2021 and to Uithoorn in 2024.[2][3]

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