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Original name(s) Primetime
Wikilifespan September 26, 2005 — Present
ISP Colorado State University
Known IPs See "sockpuppets" section
Known hostmasks Unknown
Physical location Fort Collins, Colorado
Severity Extreme
Requests for comment Wikipedia:Long term abuse/Primetime/RfC
Instructions Revert and block on sight; delete all uploads. User is absolutely untrustworthy. File a CheckUser request to discover his IP/open proxy.
Status Unknown

Primetime (talk • contribs • deleted contribs • nuke contribs • logs • edit filter log • block user • block log) is a prolific vandal who has engaged in repetitive and massive bad faith copyright violations and plagiarism in Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and other Wikimedia projects, thus placing the Wikimedia Foundation in serious legal danger. He has also engaged in malicious harassment of users outside of Wikimedia projects.

He was banned from Wiktionary in March 2006 after the discovery of several copyright violations. Wiktionary administrators alerted Wikipedia administrators about his behavior on May 9, 2006; he was indefinitely blocked on Wikipedia pending investigation. Jimbo Wales himself banned Primetime three days later (imposing his own indefinite block on top of the existing block) for being unapologetic about his behavior (block log). It eventually emerged that a significant number of his contributions were outright plagiarisms of copyrighted material.

The talk page of his former main account (User talk:Primetime) shows several of the disputes surrounding his actions and contributions, as well as giving very clear examples of his techniques of slander and denial of any wrongdoing on his part. His intent is made perfectly clear by the fact that he claims to be a modern "Robin Hood", i.e. he explicitly knows what he is doing is illegal and believes he is in the right.

Modus operandi[edit]

Primetime's disruption stems from his deliberate, willful, and blatant attempts to add copyrighted material to Wikimedia projects. When challenged as to the legitimacy of his addition, he will usually claim it's his own work (plagiarism), or is not copyrighted. On Wiktionary, his source of choice was the Oxford English Dictionary, on Wikipedia and Commons, the Encyclopedia Britannica for text and images. When he's confronted with strong evidence or outright proof of his fraudulence, he usually starts taking an aggressive line by making personal attacks, threatening people, and trolling. If blocked, he'll create sockpuppets and perpetrate more violations or try and defend himself. If he has vital information on his opponents, he will attempt annoying off-wiki, off-line harassment of them.

Primetime will hide behind open proxies when he's going on a sock-puppetry spree. Many of these puppets' names are nonsensical gibberish, however others are somewhat coherent English (Or Spanish).

His socks generally fall into two categories: sleeper puppets and attack socks. The former is used to add violations and may have userpages, personas, etc. These will add masses frequently of unwikified or partially wikified text to articles or images with fraudulent licence tags. Attack socks are the ones he uses to fight rearguard action against people and communities when his latest sleeper puppet is discovered and blocked. Occasionally he'll just create one and troll someone with it. Such socks often will make personal attacks against people who're trying to clean up his latest mess and rant about how he's justified and his enemies aren't. Such attacks are either signed "Primetime" or refer to Primetime in the first person singular.

This vandal is fluent in both English and Spanish, so any WMF wiki that uses either of those languages is especially vulnerable to his attacks.


Note that almost all of the IP addresses used are open proxies. If confirmed as such please block them indefinitely (Per WP:OP). When blocking a puppet of his, please request it be checkusered so the proxy can be blocked.

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Draft of letter sent to Colorado State University[edit]

An abuse report e-mail has been sent to CSU by Connel MacKenzie and can be seen at wikt:Wiktionary:Abuse reports#2006.2F06.2F08.