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Paid Editing Proposals
In November 2013, there were three main discussions and votes
on paid editing:

No paid advocacy (talk) (closed: opposed)
Paid editing policy proposal (talk) (closed: opposed)
Conflict of interest limit (talk) (closed: opposed)

Paid advocacy is not allowed on Wikipedia. Editors with a financial conflict of interest (such as business owners and public-relations professionals acting on their behalf) must not edit affected articles directly. They may make suggestions on talk pages and noticeboards, and request edits using the {{request edit}} template, so long as they disclose their conflict of interest.

Financial conflicts of interest[edit]

You stand in a financial conflict of interest if either of the following applies to you:

  1. you are receiving monetary or other tangible benefits to edit Wikipedia as a representative of an individual or organization, whether as an employee or contractor, or
  2. you expect to derive monetary or other tangible benefits from editing Wikipedia as an owner of, or significant stakeholder in, an organization you wish to write about, or by having some other form of close financial relationship with the subject of the article.


The conflict of interest guideline distinguishes paid advocacy from the broader practice of paid editing. Examples of acceptable paid editing include:

  • responding to requests on the reward board;
  • accepting remuneration as a Wikipedian-in-residence;
  • paying translators to move material between different-language Wikipedias;
  • hiring experts to review specialized articles[1] or to remedy suspected copyright violations;
  • working on behalf of Wikipedia's Education program;

and similar non-promotional work.


Any editor, including an article subject, may revert vandalism or remove clear violations of the biography of living persons policy.

Subject-matter experts[edit]

Nothing in this policy should be interpreted to mean that subject-matter experts should not contribute to Wikipedia in their area of expertise. Like all other editors, subject-matter experts should simply make sure that their external financial relationships in the field do not interfere with their primary role on Wikipedia.

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